Writing Prompt Wednesday – “Stress”


And then? by Violator3

Tightly wound with anxiety and anticipation

A bitten nail nears chattering teeth

Begging to be closer to the quick

With eyes flitting between downcast and brief upward glances

Time seems to move at a sluggish pace

The waiting, the worst

Wondering at the potential outcome

Over-analyzing every word, gesture, expression

Had there been mistakes? Surely–

No, no thoughts like that here

What good will they do?

Hands are swiftly moved under thighs

Feet planted and flat to the floor

Stilling any nervous jittering

For with a straight spine and composed expression

Even the slightest bit of confidence here is key


Writing Prompt Wednesday – “Tranquil”


still by purplerainistaken

The melancholy calm of a cool wave

Rolling slowly from the center of a placid lake

Any noise would break this peace, ripple the surface

Now is the moment for contemplation


Until the silence begins to take on its own sounds

Imagine that, hearing something in a hushed space

Listening for once instead of adding to the crowd of voices

Writing Prompt Wednesday – “Abused”


Athena’s Birth by ahermin

Absently, a small finger traces numbly through dust

Barely creating anything intelligible–no artwork to be seen here

Unless, looking hard enough, you can make out the remnants of this soul

Still there, heart weakly beating, despite everything

Even the most broken can create something inspiring

Delicate handling is needed with this priceless artifact, lest it shatters forever

Writing Prompt Wednesday – “Hard”


On the Horizon by OlliSiponkoski

Thoroughly defeated, it takes the strength of hundreds to stand again

Outwardly, this brave front is meant to hide the difficulties of life within

Ultimately it is up to you to decide what the next step will be–stay, or stand?

Gently pick yourself up from the ground, rise from the ashes young phoenix

Heartily greet a new day as you move toward the brightening horizon

Writing Prompt Wednesday – “Tender”


shooting heart by wroquephotography

This heart is full

Already plump with a lifetime of emotion

I need another–larger, far more flexible

This heart is about to burst

The seams are fit to tear

And there is nothing able to contain what hides inside

All this time, all this strain to keep the contents in

My hands clutch at a chest that feels empty

And yet, they can’t do a thing to hold it all together

This heart feels dead

Too much to handle and no outlet for release

The pressure, so great it causes only pain

Every feeling only resulting in hurt

I’m sorry

This heart is already full

Writing Prompt Wednesday – “Unsettling Revelations”


TRUTH. by hikait

Realization of an absolute truth strikes like a bolt

Exactly as it should be, unknown to you only until now

Validation is required–or not, as the denial runs strong

Even this intense a naiveté cannot keep the truth hidden

Lies told to keep the not-so-innocent believing they are

Are you attempting to fool yourself still?

Time and again this poison speaks on its own

Instantly tainting all it touches with deceit

Only this truth can purify what has been ruined

Naught more than a feeble last line of defense

This Garden


Transplant by arminmersmann

There’s an empty spot in this garden plot in the shape of you

Bare, dead earth–no longer fertile

Nothing will grow here

The moment has passed

But the true caretaker, living up to their expectations

Carefully cultivated this land surrounding your place

And in it, a bounty

A garden that is surely thriving far more than if you’d stayed

Even with its exposed wounds of dried soil

The whole is affected by your negligence

And no attempts at placating will prompt this land to flourish

Can this garden be considered beautiful?

Even with your foolish mistakes?

Would you even know beauty if you saw it?

Questions only you can answer, but never will

I see charm here, potential in spite of this empty space

And maybe what you see

If anything at all

Doesn’t matter anymore