Writing Prompt Wednesday – “Energetic”


Exhausted by PreciousNothin

Eliminated in the first round, with not even a breath to spare

Now it’s time to declare you the victor

Even I can’t muster a fraction, with your infinite supply of energy

Really, there’s no keeping up with you

Guiltily, I hide my envy with pride for you, your unsurprising success

You always seem to be a step ahead of me


Writing Prompt Wednesday – “Fine”


when you drown by LostOneself

Finite, we continue to push boundaries we can’t even see

Is there something beyond them? Anything?

Are we only fooling ourselves into thinking we can be more than we are?

These tethers made of the strongest bonds, our own insecurities

We are the ones preventing ourselves from reaching higher

Like the shackles and chains of a prisoner

But still we attempt to convince our minds this is best

It’s time to dig a little deeper

Skimming the surface of “fine” is a slow death

Waiting to pull you under and never let go

But the shore is just off the horizon

Scantly glittering in the rising sun

You can keep your head above water for that, can’t you?

Writing Prompt Wednesday – “Neglect”


Neglect by RomancingMaria

Nasty, neglectful creatures that we’ve become

Everything we touch seems to suffer to some extent

“Give an inch, take a mile,” a saying far too fitting

Leaving a thirsting world in our wake, wanting only the smallest return

Except for us, there is nothing to give back–we only consume

Completely gorged and overflowing with more than we could ever need

This is where we find ourselves–bloated and choking on greed

Writing Prompt Wednesday – “Placid”


Lovin’ the Sun by Lady-Tori

Peacefully, a young feline rests in the sunny window seat

Lazing, basking in a comforting heat that, in winter, is scarce

And yet this sunny window is a constant, always providing warmth

Claws extend as legs, tail and back stretch, re-positioning to a cozier spot

Instantly, bones seem to melt away as this small cat relaxes once more

Definitively, my companion has stolen my favorite reading spot

Writing Prompt Wednesday – “Boisterous”


Fireworks Over Anchorage by Djohns

Nameless folk aimlessly walking, chattering with each other as if old friends

Only at times like this, a festival, a gathering, do people form a truce

Imagine that–this amicable energy brought on by lights and food

Sounds of happily squealing children and drunken laughter weigh down the air

Each and every one of these simple creatures, brought together in this moment

Soon to return, however, to the din of war–peace is only temporary

Writing Prompt Wednesday – “Colorful”


Creating Worlds of Color 2 by GrotesqueDarling13

Casting calls for actors, in search of feigned feelings

Only those with the spectrum of emotions need apply

Little is left of my own, but perhaps others can share

Oblige me in this small request–I want only to feel

Right now, the world has faded into a dull grey

Furthering this lack of emotion by seclusion

Unless, of course, someone grants my request

Lavishing this drab world with so many colors

Writing Prompt Wednesday – “Serenity”


[38] Solemnity by starg691

Slow, soft, a gentle caress cradles a sleep-reddened cheek

Eyes blearily open, glancing upward and softening with a smile

“Remind me,” the sleepy figure whispers, “why I’d want to be anywhere else.”

Even the tender hand couldn’t stop a tremor of laughter

Nothing brought them more joy than each other

In fact, nothing could hope to keep them apart

Time could trickle slowly by, and even then

Youthful love would overcome even the most daunting obstacle

Writing Prompt Wednesday – “Stress”


And then? by Violator3

Tightly wound with anxiety and anticipation

A bitten nail nears chattering teeth

Begging to be closer to the quick

With eyes flitting between downcast and brief upward glances

Time seems to move at a sluggish pace

The waiting, the worst

Wondering at the potential outcome

Over-analyzing every word, gesture, expression

Had there been mistakes? Surely–

No, no thoughts like that here

What good will they do?

Hands are swiftly moved under thighs

Feet planted and flat to the floor

Stilling any nervous jittering

For with a straight spine and composed expression

Even the slightest bit of confidence here is key