Writing Prompt Wednesday – “Dangerous Territory”


Fall From Grace by Davenit

Daring, bold, you tread far too close to dangerous territory

Asking for consequences with your toe on the line

Now how do you propose you make it in and out alive?

Generosity has already been spared to you, allowing you so close

Even my patience wears increasingly thin, however

Rascals and rogues have attempted this trial many a time–and failed

Obviously, you see yourself as being the exception

Until, like them, you’ll eventually come to realize your own flaws

Slinking in the shadows of your disillusioned mind


Tell me–do you think you are above consequences?

Even kings are made to answer for their shortcomings

Rectifying their mistakes with payment of some sort

Regrettably for them, this can often lead to their demise

I would think you would know better, would have learned from the past

Toiling away to ensure that a similar fate would not befall you

Openly admitting to your own follies–no, you’re not capable

Really, the only thing you can do at this point is continue

Your pointless journey will be your downfall

Writing Prompt Wednesday – “Irregular Orbit”


Aurora by Orikon

So strange to look back

Remembering a time before knowing you

And thinking of myself, and how much duller I was

Without you in my life

I’d never given much thought to how people can effect each other

How much I’ve improved

How much I’ve grown

How much I’ve drastically changed

All because you chose to seek me out

In my own little world

Hidden from the rest of it

And started this snowball effect with a simple “hello”

It seemed so easy for you

A cheeky grin, a sparkle in your eye

And how you seemed to gravitate toward me

Revolving and circling like a puppy

Though there were the occasional wobbles

Diverging from a straight path

My own little satellite

Continued its orbit

And like the determined force of gravity

I found myself drawn right back

Like the moon and the earth’s magnetic field

Potentially connected in some way

And bringing only better things to my life

I never would have found the aurora within me

If not for your omnipresence

Writing Prompt Wednesday – “Accuracy”


Industrial study I by WiciaQ

Allow for some leeway when it comes to us

Collectively, though it may not seem that way

Cramming and procrastinating is our way of doing our best

Up until those very last moments, last chances for success

Ramping up our game is what brings the best results

And in the end, when the year is done and we sit with the final verdict

Though we may not always hit the mark you see ahead for us

Even late is better than never

Writing Prompt Wednesday – “Maternal”


                                                     Tea by Doubtful-Della

Lena was worried, and with good reason.

Now, it wasn’t something small—to her, at any rate—like how she would pay the taxes this month, or what she should do for Christmas this year. No, to her, it was something far more important.

It did involve her son, however. Dante, whom she’d conceived and bore with her husband, bless his soul. Dante, with good grades, great personality and attitude, manners, and not to mention his looks—he was such a handsome young man. He may not seem like someone you’d need to worry about, but to Lena, all the reasons just mentioned were mainly what worried her about her son.

And so, she decided one Saturday afternoon, she needed to voice these concerns to her twenty-two-year-old son, otherwise, they would continuously plague her poor mind until she finally snapped.

Luckily Danny didn’t work this weekend, as she’d had an appointment with her doctor on Friday. He’d taken the whole weekend off in order to take her and then make sure she was doing all right. He was too sweet for his own good…

“Dante? Lunch is ready,” Lena called through the door, knocking lightly before pushing it open slightly.

“Okay Ma’. I’ll be down in a bit,” Dan replied, never pausing in the writing of his notes. So focused on his favorite pastime, keeping up with local bands. Lena smiled slightly at this; always the hard worker… which somewhat worried her, and reminded her of the coming conversation.

That is, if she could buck up the courage to bring it up.

A few minutes later, both were sitting at the kitchen table, eating the light lunch Lena had made. It was strange, it being just the two of them in the house. You’d think after all this time she’d be used to it, just having the two of them there. But she and Dante were both fine with it being just the two them, too… And Dante was such a homebody sometimes.

Another thing that worried her. She sighed softly.

Lena put the dishes in the sink to be washed later, and began preparing tea, asking if Dan wanted any, to which he politely accepted.

Then they were back to sitting opposite each other in silence.

Fortunately or unfortunately, Dan broke the silence first. “Is something wrong, Mom?” he asked gently, setting his cup down.

So perceptive, she thought, biting her lip and looking into her tea. Another thing to worry over. So many things that made her conscious of her caring son.

“Yes, actually… I wanted to speak with you about something.” He waited patiently. “You’re growing up,” she began hesitantly, still looking down, “and you’ll eventually find someone you want to be with.”

Oh… I wondered when this topic would be brought up, Dan thought, sipping his tea quietly. It was only a matter of time…

“Uh-huh,” he said gently, trying to get her to speak again now that she had paused.

“Well, I’m—and please don’t be insulted, Dante—I’m slightly worried about when that time will come.”

“What for?” he questioned, curious as to what she must be thinking. She pursed her lips.

“You… are very soft-spoken, compared to other young men your age, and always so polite. You’re also intelligent, very much so, and very good looking, and…”

“Is there a point in there somewhere, or are you just flattering me?” he teased lightly, trying to soothe her. She seemed so tense and nervous; he could only imagine what she must be thinking…

“I am merely worried that, because of all that, some young girl will take advantage of you, or something worse,” she said in a rush, taking a deep breath when she was finished.

A pregnant pause followed her admission. Dan was left blinking in shock at her confession, a confused look puckering his brow slightly. Then the very idea of it set into his mind, and he began to all-out laugh.

A young girl, take advantage of me? Please! He mentally chortled, still laughing loudly. He was now clutching his sides, and his eyes began to water. If anything, I would be too shy to even talk to someone

“Dante, please, I’m being completely serious,” Lena said, trying to make her son see the troubles on her mind, to hear just how much this was bothering her.

“I-I’m sorry, Mom,” he gasped, trying to suck in air between the few chuckles that still seeped through. “I understand where you’re coming from, but believe me, there is absolutely nothing for you to worry over.” No hormone-driven, ditzy girl could take advantage of me. I’m shy but not stupid…

“I know, but I can’t help it. Dante, you are my son, my only son, and that makes it so much harder to think about these things… and to know that, maybe, it could happen. I don’t want that to happen to you, Danny.” She reached across the table and held his hands in her own. “Just let me get out my worries and possibly make sure that they won’t come true, and I’ll be fine. But you have to promise to take care of yourself, all right?”

Smiling, Dan squeezed her hands with his own. “I promise,” he swore.

She sighed happily, “Good.” Then she brightened. “So, is there a special someone I don’t know about yet?”


Happy belated Mother’s Day! And also sorry for the weird white space at the beginning. I… don’t know why it’s doing it, and it won’t go away. Whoops.

Unboxing – J. K. Rowling’s Wizarding World, May 2017

Happy Friday, readers! It’s been a couple months again and that means another box from Loot Crate’s J. K. Rowling Wizarding World subscription series! Be warned, if you are subscribed to this box and either have not received or opened it yet, there are spoilers of the contents below. And as before, this is not a sponsored post. I’m just a sucker for nerd merch, and Harry Potter themed things feed this addiction.

Obviously, be prepared for a lot of images! What fun would it be to not see anything? And feel free to click on the images to see a larger view for more details! (Also apologies for the formatting on smaller devices!)

Before taking that first peek, it looks like they switched things up a wee bit for the box. A new sticker seal! Not sure if this is a permanent change or for the theme, but if it’s the latter it looks like we’ve got some items based on some of the more “wrong side of the tracks” characters. It’s a neat depiction of the Dark Mark, the symbol indicating followers of Voldemort in the Harry Potter series.


Now onto the inside! First peek gives us a look at a t-shirt, and the inside of the box is decked out in various designs of Death Eater masks. Very creepy/chilling to look at, but I really like the color scheme. Fits the apparent theme for this box very nicely.


Speaking of the theme, we’re diving in to snag the Loot Crate provided guide to your subscription box. In past versions of this subscription it was a scroll detailing the theme and items. Looks like they switched it up this time, though! Now it’s a letter, tri-folded and on standard paper.


I personally liked the scroll more as far as aesthetics, plus it seemed like it was nicer quality. The new format is neat, and easier to look at due to it not being rolled, but I feel like this would have been a more appropriate first-format for this box when it started–like when new students get their Hogwarts acceptance letters. Plus the inside of the letter-guide is a little disappointing as far as layout and looks. Doesn’t have that neat tie-in like the scrolls did. But I can appreciate wanting to try something new.


But enough ranting about the changes. The theme this time is in fact baddie-related! We’re diving into the Dark Arts for this box, with a bunch of different types of items this time. We have our typical shirt, some decorative plates, a pouch, stationary set, and a pin. Starting with the shirt, it features Percival Graves from the Fantastic Beasts movie, and appears to be a Loot Crate exclusive! Can’t say he was my favorite character in the movie, but he fits the theme on this dark shirt, and the design looks pretty cool.


Hiding underneath the shirt was the stationary set, which has a Chamber of Secrets motif. It has the door to the chamber itself on some cards, and includes envelopes to put them in! Bringing it all together is a stick of wax and a seal for closing off your dark messages. I can’t say this is something I’d probably use, but it’s still a neat item to include in the box.

IMG_0679.JPG                  IMG_0680.JPG


Next are the fancy plates, another Loot Crate exclusive which are modeled after the kitten decor found in the office(s) of Dolores Umbridge. It’s a small set of four with different images of kittens on them (but sadly mine don’t move. Aw). They feel like a nice plastic so, if you really wanted to, you could more than likely eat off of them, but otherwise they are great cat-lady decor. This is another item that I think is a neat treat for the box, but I’m not totally thrilled about (I’m all-the-way a dog person and not a plate collector).

IMG_0683.JPG            IMG_0684.JPG

Then we have our pouch, which has a design inspired by the inmate plates of Azkaban, the wizard prison. This is probably my favorite item this time around–it’s got a cool, unique design on it, is something I can use for different purposes, and feels nicely made. Based on size you could easily use it as anything from a pencil case to a wallet or make-up bag, but it’s still small enough so that it’s not in the way or obtrusive.


Last but not least is the pin! And I lied. I think this one is my favorite item in the box. (Sorry pouch. You’re a definite second.) The pin as an item is something we’ve seen in past boxes, and following the theme we are given a pin in the shape of Tom Riddle’s diary, post basilisk fang stabbing. Which, speaking of the fang, is also included with the pin. And the best part? You can take the fang and actually fit it into a hole made into the diary portion of the pin and reenact the piercing of the diary yourself. You know, for funsies. The pin feels nice and hefty, and the detail on it looks great–the black and gold go together very nicely.


And that’s everything for the May 2017 Wizarding World subscription box! I sadly can’t say this one was my favorite. There was a lot of neat ideas in here, but I don’t see myself really using hardly any of it. Not to say that’s the point of this subscription, of course, but for me personally I don’t foresee a lot of mileage out of some of these items. Let me know what you guys thought of this, the box and the post, and if you’d like to see more of these! And if you got this particular box, what do you think of the items? Do you see yourself using some of the more obscure ones?

I love sharing stuff like this so more people can see and enjoy the potential goodies out there! Hopefully it generates some interest to get more subs to it–the more the merrier! (Plus with more people, we might get even neater stuff!) Have a great weekend!

Writing Prompt Wednesday – “Heartfelt Apology”


broken promise by AntekPyra

Imagine, if you will, what it would be like with no guilt weighing down on your already over-burdened shoulders.

Many a time I’ve wondered if your aloof persona was the true you, wrapped in spite and bitterness.

Sadly, it seems this is not the case–only a shell, slowly cracking around you.

Only this sharp, biting exterior is keeping you from pain, and despite what you may think, your facade is eating you alive.

Rather than hiding behind a faltering mask, wouldn’t you rather cast it aside?

Rather than trudging through the mire in your turbulent mind, wouldn’t you rather apologize and let it all go?

Your outward lack of empathy and sympathy is only destroying you from the inside out.

Writing Prompt Wednesday – “Slow Down”


Slow down by krmenxa

With head swimming

Feeling of being filled with cotton

Muffled and smothered

Spots flashing, dancing

In dazed eyes with no focus

No sensation of feet making contact

With hard ground beneath

In the vain hope an end will be reached

Pick up speed, faster, faster fasterfaster

Only to grind to a complete and sudden


Realizing speed won’t make a difference

Better to take things slow, easy

One step at a time

Can always pretend that it helps

Even if it doesn’t

Writing Prompt Wednesday – “Everything for You”


Everything by Menoevil

Everything I am, and everything I will ever become, will all be for you.

Vexed as I am at my own shortcomings, I continue to strive for something greater…

Even at the expense of my own happiness.

Really, though, your happiness is my own.

Your successes, your smiles, your very drive to exist and continue…

These are only a fraction of the things that give me my own purpose.

How easy it is to simply think of you, and be given renewed determination.

I will always better myself for you, in the hopes that your own happiness will thrive.

Nothing brings me greater joy than this.

Giving everything I have for you, and you alone, will be my crowning achievement.