Let’s begin!

Now, poetry and I are not the best of friends. However, in recent years (more like months… or weeks) I’ve been trying to get myself out of my comfort zone and writing more of it. Sometimes it’s good to do things we don’t like, yeah?

So this first poem is one that I actually wrote for an assignment. It was meant to include the writing technique of brevity. It’s certainly one of my better poems; not only do poetry and I not get along, I’m also kind of bad at writing it. Ha-ha…

It’s as of yet untitled, but here it stands. 🙂

Image by MorganEH of DeviantArt.

He danced with two left feet.

Which was just as well, since I

only had one right, myself.

We were matched, that way.

And he made it apparent to me

that no matter how many times

we danced this way, it always

reminded him of the first time.

Back when I had two, and I

was the one that would lead.

It’s just as well; he needed

all the practice he could get.


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