A short story, pt. 2

And here’s the second part for the last piece I posted! I’d meant to have this up yesterday, but for some reason my computer wasn’t caring for WordPress… or vice versa.

Again, so that it’s not ridiculously long, this isn’t all of it… I’m going to guess at one more post before I reach the end of what I have. :3

Thanks for the likes and everything on the first part, you guys! You really know how ta make a girl feel all special. 😉 Hope it continues to tickle your fancy!

Sighing a bit in relief, he leaned back in the stiff lobby chair. His head was starting to hurt now, but at least it was cool in here. “Weston Breton. August 5th, 1996…”

“So you’re going to… be a senior this year?” she asked, quickly writing down the information. He nodded. “Congrats.”


He continued to give her all the information that was required on the form. Halfway through an orderly walked over asking for a parent they could contact, Weston immediately saying his father worked in the pediatrics level of the hospital.

“Oh, Dr. Breton, right?” The teen smiled in affirmative. “We’ll call up to his office to let him know you’re here,” she assured him before bustling off again. Tawny looked nervous, because Weston’s father would obviously know he had no twenty-one year old daughter (half or not), but Weston brushed her off. So they continued.

When they got to medications, etc., he rattled off a name that caused her to look up at him oddly. “Huh?”

“For my ADHD,” he explained tiredly.

“Could have fooled me,” she said, noting the lethargy.

“It’s because of the meds,” he retorted. “They work pretty good.”

And so on. After finishing the forms they waited another ten minutes before another nurse whisked them to a private room.

The doctor arrived and gave Weston a once over, checking everything out to make sure there was nothing else amiss. “Looks to be just a bit of dehydration and an anterior dislocation, Weston. You probably slipped due to lack of water; make sure to bring some with you on these runs,” he scolded.

“I usually do,” he admitted, shrugging his right shoulder a bit. “Just forgot today, is all. Won’t happen again.”

“Good. Your father is on his way, by the way,” he added. He turned to Tawny, a knowing smile on his face. “Why don’t you wait outside while I fix the kid up?”

“Uh, a-all right.” She hadn’t known Weston’s father would be a doctor, so it was obvious that some of the hospital staff would probably know him… and know that she wasn’t his sister. She cursed her stupidity and compulsive lying before hurrying out of the room.

Seeing Weston look after her, the doctor assured, “We won’t let her leave before you’re done, relax.” The boy sagged in relief.

“Thanks Dr. Hauser.”

“Sure, sure. Now let’s fix this, huh?”

 ~ * ~

Tawny didn’t try to leave, but she noticed the sudden interest from the hospital staff as she sat, pretending to watch Jeopardy on the small TV in the corner. Her stomach grumbled loudly, and a nurse walking by paused to look at her. She blushed and coughed lightly.

“You’ve been here awhile Hun, you hungry?” She smiled kindly before turning to look at the desk behind her, where another nurse was typing away at a computer. “Nate, do we still have some juice and cookies left from the blood drive?”

Tons,” he groaned, looking up at her. “And I’m supposed to figure out what to do with the rest. I tried passing some out to patients, but they’re all older and complained, ‘That’ll ruin my sugar, young man’…”

“Perfect,” she beamed. “Where are they?” He pointed next to him and she hurried over and grabbed a plate full of cookies and a cup of juice. “Here you go, dear,” she said, handing them to Tawny.

Blinking bemusedly, she took the offered food and stuttered out, “Uh, th-thanks so much…”

“No sweat! I’m sure Weston will be done soon, so sit tight. Make sure to drink plenty and as much as you like; it’s really warm out there.”

“Thank you…” she said again as the nurse walked away. Wide-eyed, she looked to Nate at the desk. He gave her a wink.

For the next half hour she ate at the cookies, leaving the ones with chocolate chips on the plate while munching on the others. She drank down the juice, then went and asked Nate if he maybe had some plastic wrap so she could take some home, if it wasn’t too much trouble.

“Yes!” he said happily, handing her a box of saran-wrap. “Take as many as you like. They’re fresh today, so they’ll last awhile.”

“Thanks,” she smiled. As she borrowed the counter to wrap a couple plates, Weston walked down the hall with his father and Dr. Hauser next to him.

He was relieved that Tawny was still there… though she appeared to be ransacking the ‘cookie jar’ of the hospital. He decided she looked tired, which really wasn’t too surprising. The small bun her hair had been in when he ran into her (or, rather, when she’d run into him) was gone by this point, and her hair was brushing just past her shoulders. Her blouse was unbuttoned to reveal a black tank top underneath, and her face wasn’t blushing anymore. The last part changed, however, when he called to her.

“Are you okay?” she asked, abandoning the cookies and taking a step toward him.

“Good as new,” he said, gesturing to his arm that was now resting in a sling. His face was slightly pinched in pain, but the painkillers were already kicking in. “Thanks for bringing me here.”

She didn’t say anything to that, just nodded, looking down as she noticed the newcomer and Dr. Hauser both giving her a look.

“So you’re the one I have to thank for helping my boy!” The other man laughed good-naturedly and came over to pat her shoulder. She responded to the gesture with a wide-eyed look of her own. Weston had, of course after some prodding, told his father the whole, real story. But Dr. Breton understood it was an accident; things happen.

Weston was shocked at how much she had changed in so short a time. Tawny had been rather abrasive and brusque before, but now she seemed timid.

“I’m very sorry, Sir,” she started, bringing Weston out of his thoughts. “It was my fault it happened at all.” So much for both of us being to blame, the teen thought lamely to himself. “Please—”

“No, no, he should have known better. He is easily dehydrated as it is, so he should have had water with him. But I’ve already scolded him on it, as did Dr. Hauser.” He bent down and whispered in her ear, “Shit happens, darling. No worries, and no blame, all right?”

She blinked before nodding numbly.

“Now, how about I treat you to dinner for helping my gimp of a kid out? I’m making steak and potatoes tonight, and, not to toot my own horn, they are delicious,” he laughed, stepping back and smiling at her expectantly.

Weston would have laughed at the expression on Tawny’s face if not for his own surprise. His dad was far too trusting and generous sometimes. He sighed softly, moving to sit in a chair next to the desk and wait for the two to finish. Dr. Hauser chuckled quietly as he passed him, and they shared a grin.

“Oh, thanks so much for the offer,” she said, and all present could tell she was happy. But then she frowned. “I’m afraid I have to decline, however. I need to pick up my sister and then get home to feed her—”

Weston saw it coming as soon as she said ‘sister.’ “Nonsense, she’s welcome as well!”

She gaped at Dr. Breton a bit, “But—”

“I insist,” he went on, patting her shoulder again. “Nate, can I have a pen and paper? I’ll write my address for you.” Nate handed him the requested items and scribbled quickly before handing it to her. “Supper’s at seven, no need to dress nice or anything. Bring your sister and come relax.”

She tried again to dissuade him. “Really, thank you, but I—”

“No buts. It’s my way of thanking you for helping Wes here.”

She turned to Weston for assistance with his father, but he simply shrugged. She glared at him a bit for his lack of help, and he grinned sheepishly. There was that attitude again.

Letting out a tiny sigh, she bowed to Dr. Breton. “Thanks so much. We’ll see you promptly at seven.”

“Perfect. C’mon Wes, let’s go home and get ready.” Nodding, Weston stood and smiled at Tawny before following his father out.

“Don’t forget your cookies,” Nate mentioned, noticing Tawny’s spacey expression. Shaking herself a little, she smiled and thanked him before wishing him a good night and leaving herself. Her sister loved chocolate chip, and hopefully this would last her for a couple days.


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