“Dæmon” excerpt

Finally a bit from my novel that I’ve been working on for… er, too long. I think this is the first time I’ve posted anything from my novel on here, anyway. Either way. As of the last also-too-long it’s been tentatively titled Dæmon. :3

I’m a big fan of things involving demons and the supernatural. ‘Super powers,’ other worlds, different species of creatures and plants… And while I was heavily influenced/inspired by an anime (it’s been my favorite for years, I couldn’t help myself), I wanted to write a book involving these. Demons are cool… what can I say?

After she wrapped her hands in what Zane could only describe as seaweed, Nekane sat on a fallen tree and gave him a look. He could just about imagine what was going through her mind, considering he’d just resulted in her hands being covered in acid.

“Demons heal quickly though, right?” Zane asked, trying to brighten the situation. Her continued dour look dashed his hopes.

“While that’s normally the case…” Nekane gingerly lifted her hands, not daring to even flex them, “that acid slows the healing process intentionally. Some demons can heal in seconds, but with the process slowed, the Kysel plant has more time to strike down and eat its prey.”

Seems as though a lot of things are based upon eating and being eaten here, he thought.

“Plus,” she continued, “I had to continue to protect us. You flinching away was no help what so ever. So now my skin is stretched and ruined even more. That makes it take longer.”

As usual, Nekane spared no one’s feelings. Zane winced involuntarily, like a child being scolded.

“I thought you could use a sword,” she grumped, glaring at him and then the sword at his belt, as if he were the biggest liar there ever was.

“I said I had done some fencing,” he corrected. Zane pulled the long blade from its sheath and flashed it at her, gesturing at it with his hand. “This isn’t exactly the kind of sword I’m used to. It’s a lot different, not to mention heavier.”

“What you call your fencing sword is a pathetic toothpick giants use after eating someone like you!” Nekane was starting to get irritated; her hands were obviously bothering her, as they were beginning to shake.

Zane looked at her in a way he hoped conveyed just how sorry he was. “We don’t really have to worry about stuff like this where I come from,” he said softly.

For a moment she still glowered at him, then sighed and lifted her hand to her face. Probably to squeeze the bridge of her nose, but she stopped herself just in time. Nekane’s eyes narrowed in irritation, this time at herself. “Fine,” she mumbled, thinking a moment. Then she quickly looked up at him and stood. “All right, fine. Then we’ll just have to work with you a bit.”

Doubtful, with your hands in that state. “But your hands…” he voiced instead.

“Not an issue.” Nekane lowered her left arm to her side, allowing it to go limp. For a moment nothing happened, then suddenly her eyes began to glow with that familiar neon blue sheen.

The two suns were just past their peaks above them, slightly behind her, leaving her shadow on the ground in front of her. Suddenly Nekane’s shadow’s left arm disappeared, and instead in front of her a black, partially transparent sword was formed.

“What the hell are you doing?!” Zane cried, jumping back and instantly lifting the sword in his own grasp, gripping the hilt with both hands to balance the weight.

“Relax,” she snorted, rolling her eyes at his reaction. “One of my little ‘tricks,’” she said, reusing his wording from a previous conversation. With her right hand she gently touched her left arm, which just looked like dead weight now. “I give up mobility of part of my body, and it uses the shadow of it to create what I want. So we can train you up so this,” she lifted her hand again, “doesn’t happen anymore. Got it?”

The shadow sword between them twirled and bobbed in the air. Obviously she found his fright amusing. Narrowing his eyes and smirking, Zane positioned himself with the hefty blade he carried. “Okay then, let’s get started.”


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