Writing Prompt Wednesday – “Glad”

As amusing as Robyn found the situation, Dante’s jealousy was silly.

Well, he said he wasn’t jealous. But it was kind of obvious. The way he sulked and moped wherever he was, how he went abruptly silent whenever the subject was brought up, not to mention his mumbling about how men were shady.

“But… you’re a man,” Robyn would point out. He’d just huff and roll his eyes.

It was odd, to see him so sour. He was usually much more calm and collected about such things.

“How is this a bad thing? You should be glad your mom is trying to meet people.”


Dante never had a good comeback for why his mom shouldn’t date. Typical mama’s boy. Having talked to Lena herself, however, Robyn decided that if she personally had a son and he reacted like this… She’d probably laugh about it, anyway. Lena even found it a tad funny.

“Harry seems like a super nice guy. And your mom really likes him. He even takes her out to do things that you don’t even like to do with her. Which is saying something, since you’re such an obvious Oedipus complex case. He sounds awesome.”

“That’s disgusting. I don’t think of my ma’ that way,” he’d say, glaring at her. “He’s probably a skeeze,” Dante would grumble, or some other derogatory word to describe the poor man.

It was Robyn’s turn to roll her eyes. “Get over it. Be happy that she’s happy, you whiny baby.” Clearing her throat, she dramatically added, “When it’s time for a bird to leave the nest…”

She had to use her forearm to block an incoming empty soda can.

“Who-oa,” she drawled, dropping into a cheesy fighting stance, “your projectiles are no match for my karate skills, grasshopper.”

“You’re so racist it’s disturbing.”

“Joking. Not the same thing.”

“That’s what they all say.”

“In all seriousness,” Robyn killed the subject and plopped next to Dante on the couch. “Have you even met Harry yet? D’you even know what the guy looks like? How can you badmouth a guy you don’t even know?”

“You’re one to talk. You diss politicians and crap all the time.”

“Totally different. Answer the question.”

Dante sighed. “No, I haven’t met him yet. Don’t really want–”

“Don’t you dare,” Robyn warned, wagging a finger at him menacingly. “You need to stop being so closed-minded. This is the second man your mom has tried to date since your dad, right? Give him a chance. She knows what’s best for her, and if she likes him and he’s a great guy, let her have it. Just be happy for her and support her.”

“I know…” He smashed a fist into his face tiredly. Robyn patted his hand gently. “It’s hard, though. I want her to be happy, but I feel like no one is good enough for her, you know?”

“You and every other mama’s b–”


“Sorry, but you know what I mean. Just be there for her. So that, whether this works out with Harry or not, you’ll be on her side no matter what. And she’ll appreciate it. I’m no expert on parents, let alone parents dating, but I think I can say this with confidence.” She poked the phone that had been sitting in Dante’s lap the whole conversation, seeing the reminder pop up to show the missed call from his mother ten minutes ago.

“Call her back. Lemme know how it goes. But talk to her, okay?” With that Robyn stood, kissed his cheek, then said goodbye as she left for work.

Dante toyed with his phone a few minutes more before finally sucking it up and calling his mother back. He was happy that she was happy. It was just hard imagining someone else being able to give her that happiness after all this time.

But… he supposed he could share in the task. Harry did seem like a decent guy.

Dante just hoped he didn’t have a mullet like the last one. That “wanting to feel young again” phase his mom had gone through had been nearly traumatizing.

Going in with a smile at the memory, Dante greeted his mother warmly.


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