The Change


Red Wolf Girl Transformation by rbx11

Because, after the last one with Tatum in it, I couldn’t resist doing a little background story on her and the world she’s from. 🙂

In case anyone is interested and/or missed it, the ‘last one’ I’m referring to is this one.

Children learned from a very early age what would come to pass once their bodies matured. Puberty, regrettably, was not going away any time soon, but was also nothing new. It was just another part of growing up. And once children hit puberty, they would finish that respective year of school and then transfer into the proper facility for the rest of their education.

Tatum, no exception, thought it was bad enough that, as a girl, she would have to deal with periodic bleedings for the rest of what felt like her entire life. But then there was the rest of it.

Her mom and dad had sat her down, more than once, to give her an idea of what the process would be like, even describing their own experiences when they were her age. Her mom had been a late bloomer, and she’d admitted that it had hurt, but she’d had family and friends to help her with the change. Her dad’s story was similar. Somewhat painful, but with love and support, yada-yada…

That was all well and good, and Tatum admitted that she was a bit excited to finally show signs of growing up. She was already twelve, and most of her friends had already changed. Because of their own change, her parents had anticipated Tatum’s and placed her in a school that would already prepare her for the next one. This also meant being with other children like her. She hoped she wasn’t a late bloomer, too.

Fortunately, or unfortunately, she wasn’t. Almost a month away from her thirteenth birthday and the end of the school year, it happened. And all she’d wanted was to run to the bathroom before her family left to visit her grandparents for Sunday dinner.

Her stomach had been twinging in pain all day. It had been manageable for the morning, and she’d slept in, anyway, so she hadn’t noticed it. By noon her hair was sticking to her cheeks and neck from sweating so much. She just wanted to grab the scissors up in the cupboard and hack it off. Now it was four-thirty and she was sweating through her nice clothes, curled up in a ball on her bedroom floor.

“Tatum, we’re ready to go! Are you? Patton’s already in the car seat.”

“Um…” she groaned, struggling to stand up and make her way to the door. Suddenly she felt like she might barf. “B-bathroom first!” she practically shrieked, moving fast to the bathroom—faster than ever. It was unbearable! She gripped the door so tightly that her fingernails drug in the wood and left trails as she slammed it behind her.

Blinking, Tatum’s dad turned to look at his wife, just finishing with strapping their six year-old son into the backseat. “Raina, you want to check on Tatum? I’m going to call Mom and tell her we might be late…”

Catching the tone, Raina looked up nervously as she patted Patton’s little foot, murmuring that she’d be back soon as she hurried to the door. “Poor thing. You don’t think it’s hitting her today, do you?”

“That’s why I figured you should be with her, just in case,” he admitted, pecking her on the cheek as she passed.

Meanwhile, Tatum had collapsed in a near sobbing pile on the floor. Glory, her parents either had it super easy at her age or had lied—this hurt so much. She couldn’t even open her eyes.

After sitting for a moment, breathing heavily, she was about ready to move when suddenly it got so much worse. It felt like her bones were on fire, and trying to stretch out of her skin. She could feel her clothes tearing, trying to accommodate. Her eyes jerked open, and a half-gasp half-cry escaped her at the sight of her hand lying on the floor by her face. It was stretching, morphing into some clawed monstrosity right before her eyes. And if the feeling of her body was any indication, the rest of her must have been doing it, too.

Raina had just reached the door to the bathroom, looking in horror at the claw marks left in the wood, when suddenly she heard a strangled howl of pain from behind the door.

“Tatum?!” she called, turning the knob only to find it locked. “Tatum, open the door! What’s going on?”


“K-Kaleb, get in here! The door’s locked!”

Raina heard a muffled “we’ll be right back” before she heard the stomping of feet, her husband suddenly at her side. “What’s going—?” he stopped upon hearing the sudden whines and whimpers from the bathroom, sounding like something was being tortured within. Scraping could be heard as well, like something sharp was being dragged along the tile floor. “Tatum!”

“Help me bust it open,” Raina pleaded, then calling inside, “Tatum, if you can hear me, back up from the door! We’re coming in!”

Tatum was in a frenzy inside, her eyes rolling wildly before settling on the door. She tried to yell, to tell her parents not to come in, but all that escaped her mouth was a yelp. Now that the change was done, the pain was practically gone, but what was she…? She couldn’t let her parents in to see this!

Hearing a soft “Three… two…” Tatum jerked and skidded away from the door, just as it burst forward at her face. Her parents tumbled to the tile, tangling around each other in an effort to stop from hitting the floor.

“T-Tatum, are you—?” Raina stopped, sucking in a breath as her eyes landed on the creature trying to stand at the back of their bathroom.

“Tatum…” Kaleb was just as dumbfounded.

Standing clumsily on four clawed feet, trying in vain to stop slipping on the floor, a fearful, shaggy wolf stared back at them with wide green eyes. Eyes the same color as Kaleb’s, fur the same color as his daughter’s hair.

“W-what’s wrong with me?” Tatum asked, but it came out as a whiny howl, her new mouth incapable of forming words.

It took some time for the family to get themselves settled. While Kaleb fetched Patton and called his mother (yet again) to say they couldn’t make it to dinner today, Raina worked with Tatum. They relocated to the larger living room, Tatum walking unsteadily on her four legs while her mom remained wary. She knew it was her daughter, but the whole situation was beyond unexpected.

While Raina and Kaleb had somewhat talked Tatum through the process, words were nothing compared to the actual experience. And Tatum was simply distraught. This isn’t right. What’s happening? What’s wrong with me…?

“Tatum? Tatum, you need to focus. Relax.”

Changing back took a lot out of her. It was as painful as turning into a wolf in the first place. It required remaining completely focused on what she was supposed to look like, and with how hectic the day had been it was rather difficult. But she finally did it, slumping forward into her mom’s waiting arms. A blanket was wrapped around her tightly, and her mom held her tight, whispering comforting words into Tatum’s ear.

None of it helped to ease her fear and doubt, however.

Patton, now occupied in his room, was left alone for the time being as Kaleb finally made his way to his girls. Sitting Tatum on the couch between them, they held her as she calmed herself.

Finally finding words, feeling strange in her own skin, Tatum shakily asked, “Why am I different…?”

This wasn’t right. Not at all. How could she be changing into a wolf? That was nothing like her parents, her family, at all. None of her friends at school were wolves, either. They were all…

“Honey,” Raina whispered, catching her daughter’s attention. “You’re not different. This is normal.”

“N-Normal?” she squeaked, appalled. “But I’m not like you and dad! This isn’t right! That’s why I’m even going to my school, right? My whole class isn’t… I’m not supposed to be… I’m…” she huffed, tears spilling down her cheeks. Voice cracking, she asked, “Glory. I’m Avian, aren’t I…?”

Frowning, Kaleb and Raina exchanged pained looks. There wasn’t much they could say to help with this. Their daughter was normal, yes, but compared to her family, and now friends, she was, indeed, different.

Her dad was a Paradise Tanager, his and Tatum’s eyes the same color as part of his beautiful feathers. His parents, Tatum and Patton’s grandparents, were also different species of birds. Raina was a bold blue jay, reflected in her own eyes by a vivid blue. Raina had been adopted as a baby, but her own biological family had been determined to be Avian, as well.

So how had their daughter turned out to be Bestial?


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