Opposition set – Leaves

This is part of my poetry project for Creative Writing a couple years ago–yay, more old, ha-ha. My idea was to take an object/thought/etc. and write two opposing views/opinions on it in the form of poems. This one was looking at leaves. :’)

Unpolluted Nature

As I drove down the road—
Faster, certainly, than I should have been going,
Even though I wasn’t running late—
The fallen yellow leaves dashed,
Danced on the road in the breeze.
The sun was bright, and if it weren’t
For some of the fallen flora moving about,
I would have thought them shards of glass,
They shone so brilliantly.
Skittering scratches across asphalt,
Glowing gleam of golden sun on sunflower yellow,
They were, truly, a sight to behold.

Sullied Landscape

Litter, filth, scum of my lawn.
Foliage is falling all around.
Fall is the time of kamikaze pilot leaves,
Dive-bombing my windshield as I rush to business.
Red, orange, brown, yellow,
Oh, I could turn them such colors
By bagging them up and starting a fire.
My green, manicured lawn filled with the
Offensive nuisances.
Ah, but come winter, come spring,
They will be nothing more than a bad memory…
Until the scorching summer ends,
And the cycle begins anew.


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