Writing Prompt Wednesday – “Joy”

(Is it sad that the first thing I thought of when I saw the prompt was “Inside Out?” xD
For real though, that movie was adorable.)


Joy . .. by light-from-Emirates

The early morning sun always makes the water look the prettiest.

Hands gently gliding under the surface

Ripples erupting and expanding, spreading.

Water so clear

You can see your toes in the drenched sand

And the multi-colored shells

Half submerged by tiny grains

Trying to surface, to reach the shore

With invisible hands.

Creatures of all sizes, all shapes, all colors

Twirling around, between, alongside

As your legs slowly move through the water

Like comforting, guiding familiars.

So far out now your feet can’t reach that sand

Your head slips below, into the clear

And now, you are one of those underwater creatures.

Hands dredge through the silty earth

And strong legs propel you forward.

Where to?

You can only go so far without breath

Time to return to the air, the sky.

Pushing off the bottom, surging upward to clouds

Whipping hair and water from yourself as you break free.

And a splash

That sends tiny droplets out into the atmosphere

The sun catches them

And they sparkle like diamonds, falling stars.

Make a wish.


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