Writing Prompt Wednesday – “Only Human”

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From here.

As soon as we learn to stand, it takes little time at all before we descend again.

Scuffing our hands, scraping our knees.

It is a challenge to regain confidence after such a fall.

How could we have ever allowed it to happen?

What is wrong with us?

And yet, despite all that…

Every time we find a reason to stand again.

There is no time to stop, to dwell on why we fell.

That’s not important–that’s not the point.

We may find ourselves on the ground more than we stand.

We make mistakes; it’s what we do.

You cannot learn without a few mishaps.

So why do we berate ourselves for things we cannot stop?

Cannot undo?

Things we cannot help–it’s just who we are.

The past, while it makes us who we are, is in the past.

What more can we do?

We are, after all, only human.

It is in our nature to fall.

Only after we fall can we find a way to stand again.


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