A Troll in Summer – WIP

This is something that I’ve had in mind for a few weeks, and I’ve been working on it off and on, but… I’m just not sure where it’s going. :’) I was inspired by an avatar I’d slapped together on GaiaOnline, and so I wrote out about five pages of content, but it’s kind of stagnate at this point, ha-ha. I wanted to write something up for summer, but for now it’s gonna just chill out as is. I might get a little more inspiration for it later.

I wanted to try something a little different regarding character interactions with this; Tezzi is a troll that’s been sheltered her whole life underground, and so she will react to new things accordingly–kind of like a child. However, not being a child myself anymore, I was trying my damnedest to remember how I myself reacted to new things. So this might be a little, “uhhhhh” in some parts because of that… Just another thing to go back over when I get an idea to finish this.

“I’ll stick out like a sore thumb if I don’t hide things,” Tezzi fretted to herself, looking down at her hands and feet, wiggling her ears, swishing her tail… Humans were weird, sure, and had odd ideas of what was ‘in’ or decent to wear and do to their bodies, but if she wanted to fit in with them and not gain any attention she’d have to do something about herself.

Her skin was splashed with patches of blue, and in obvious places like her hands, feet, knees, elbows, and cheeks, there was no way it wouldn’t make a scene. Not to mention her large, slightly furred ears and tail. Her hair, the same blue as her fur, could be explained, at least; it wasn’t too crazy, and most humans colored their hair ridiculous colors anyway, right?

trollMaurelle tittered next to Tezzi’s ear, the noise almost like a tickle. “Well, you could do what I suggested in the first place. Y’know. Not going?”

Tezzi waved a hand beside her head, shooing the pixie to the side, and rolled her eyes. “Pretty sure I already said I’m going.”

“Whatever. Your funeral when Ugoki finds out.”

“He won’t, unless you blab.” Internally Tezzi was worried about that very thing happening, though. Ugoki had eyes and ears all over the caverns; it wouldn’t be odd for him to meet her at the entrance to their home on her way out. But she was dead set to venture out in the daylight. All she wanted to do was go swimming at the beach. Was that so wrong?

For years she’d wondered what the beach near her home would look like in the sun. Her people were allowed to wander the world at night, but it was expressly forbidden for trolls to be outside where humans lurked, and especially not in the daylight. But Tezzi had swiped an adorable human swimsuit—a bikini, sequin-y blue like her and sparkly—and wanted to wear it out in public. Trolls typically wore no clothing, so the fact that she’d be seen as weird without anything was a new concept, as well.

“Quivilt said noon, yeah?” Tezzi asked, swiping a small bag that only held her new swim wear as she hurried out of her small enclosure. Maurelle followed, wings flapping lazily.

She sighed. “Yeah. I still think this is a bad idea. There aren’t any other pixies down here, Tezzi—if you get murdered for this dumb scheme I’ll be lonely.”

“So selfish,” Tezzi snickered. “It’ll be fine, relax!”

Quivilt was supposed to be giving her something that would help with the obvious troll features problem, but Tezzi wasn’t going to get her hopes up. Quiv liked to promise things he couldn’t always deliver. And if that ended up happening, well… Tezzi wasn’t sure what the plan was.

Quivilt was standing outside of his own small cavern room, rolling two small bottles in his hands and looking back and forth. He was similar to Tezzi in appearance, troll appearance, at least, but instead of a soft light blue he was green. He looked a little greener than usual, actually, Tezzi thought. Obviously he had something; he looked cautious.

“Whatcha got, Quiv?” Tezzi asked, excitedly bouncing on her feet.

He practically shoved the bottles at her. “Careful with this. Don’t let anyone see you use it, or tell ‘em where you got it, ‘kay?”

“But… what is it?”

“Scinn. Dip some on your fingers and rub it on the areas you want to change. Just imagine what you want it to look like and it’ll do the rest. The green bottle has a coating in it to keep the scinn from washing off in the water, but it’s only good for a few hours.”

“Nifty,” she said, looking at the bottles with a bit more respect. “Thanks Quiv, really. I appreciate it. I know you could get in a lot of trouble for this.”

“No sweat,” he said, relaxing a little now that his burden was no longer with him. He ruffled her hair a little—such a big brother type. “Be careful up there, ‘kay?”

“Of course.” They briefly hugged before Tezzi dashed off again.

She reached the cave entrance with no trouble. Ironically there wasn’t really ever a guard to keep them from leaving, but it was probably due to the risk of being outside, and the punishment awaiting you if you made it back.

Tezzi had never seen full-on sunlight before. Not that she could remember. And after being in the caves for so long, the sun was just bright. She darted around the mouth of the cave and hid in a bush, shielding her eyes. She sat for what felt like ages, slowly allowing her eyes to adjust. Her eyes watered each time they opened.

“Pfft. If you can’t even handle the light, what’re you gonna do out here?” Maurelle taunted, butting against Tezzi’s head gently. “You might as well go back inside.”

“No.” Finally Tezzi could open her eyes, squinting though, and she sniffed as she opened the bottle of scinn Quiv had given her. Scinn was hard to come by, not to mention pricey, and she wondered where her friend had swiped it from. She would definitely give it back to him to return if she didn’t need it all; whoever owned this would surely miss it.

Carefully she poured a little onto her finger tips, rubbing it in a bit before rubbing it on her blue knee—a test. She imagined her knee a pale color like the rest of her skin, rather than the bright speckled blue it was now. It took a moment for the effect to kick in, but soon enough her knee was as pale as the majority of her.

“Oh, wow! This stuff is nuts!” she cried gleefully, quickly using more to cover the rest of her oddities. Soon enough she just looked like a naked blue-haired girl sitting in the forest. She finished up by putting the coating over the top of the scinn, letting her limbs dry a bit before putting on the bikini top and bottom. She was ready to go.

“Now Mauri, you’re gonna have to either hide or pretend you’re a hair accessory or something, because a flying pixie is just as nutty as a troll running around up here, y’know?” Tezzi started, walking in the direction of the beach. Luckily she’d at least been above ground at night, so she knew the way.

I’m not swimming, so I’ll lay low in the trees and keep an eye on you. Better stay outta trouble! I won’t be able to come and help you,” the pixie lectured, flying ahead and scouting the area. “Ugoki knows things, and if something happens to you up here, he’ll kill us both…”

“You’re such a worrywart.”

Tezzi found the beach with no issue, Maurelle tittering the whole way about how stupid the entire thing was. Mauri just didn’t understand; being cooped up in a cave your whole life was no way for her to live. She needed to be outside. The sunlight, once she’d gotten used to it, felt like a warm embrace on her skin, lighting her up in dappled patches through the trees. The grass was warm in the summer heat, squishing in her toes and tickling her feet just the slightest bit. And the colors were just beautiful.

As Tezzi reached the tree line, she squished warm sand between her toes, now. She began to sweat from nerves; while she’d wanted this for so long, finally being here was another thing. And with it being a hot summer day, the beach was packed.

Taking a deep breath, not even noticing when Maurelle decided at the last moment to cling to her hair like a barrette, Tezzi took off running. Ahead of her was a simple pier, with a couple of benches lining the sides of it. An elderly couple sat on one of the benches on the left, while a group of three children sat further up, near the end, on the opposite side, dangling their legs over the edge as they talked.

The couple and the children looked up quickly at the sound of stomping feet behind and in front of them. At the last moment Tezzi dropped her empty bag on the pier before leaping off the edge, springing herself out toward the bright blue water.

She wondered what it would feel like. They had a fresh water spring back home that was always nice and cool with a hint of a rocky taste. She had no idea what ocean water was like. Would it be warm, from being in the sun all day?

Definitely not. As soon as her feet hit the water she immediately began to feel the chill. She gasped foolishly, and then her head was under water and she could taste the ocean. Ugh, it was definitely not tasty. And freezing! She felt a sharp pull on her hair when she didn’t resurface immediately, and flapped her arms and legs to push herself up.

She hit the warm air with another sharp breath, blinking salty water from her eyes and spitting it out of her mouth. She felt more than heard Maurelle doing the same, hissing curses under her breath about frigid water. Hearing fainting cheering, she turned back to the pier to see the children standing there in awe.

“Wow, lady! Look how far you jumped!”

“That was so cool! How’d you do that?!”

“Do it again!”

She had pushed off pretty hard. She had to be at least twenty feet away from the edge of the pier. Guess trolls could jump better than humans. Or the kids were just easily impressed.

She smiled at them. “Practice! How far can you guys jump?”

One of the kids—a young boy with red and blue swim trunks on with spiders on them—needed no more badgering. He ran a ways back from the edge before getting a good sprint going, flinging himself away from his friends and out to the water. His distance wasn’t very far, but his friends cheered him as his head broke the surface. They soon followed him out, and then all three of the kids were swimming toward Tezzi.

“Are you in track or something? That was a cool jump!”

“I wish I could do that.”

“Maybe she’s a long jumper!”

Tezzi had no idea what they were talking about, so she just shook her head sheepishly and grinned. “Uh, n-nope. Just a… really good jumper?”

“Awesome,” the three said in unison. Tezzi laughed.

After introducing themselves, the kids asked Tezzi if she’d like to play with them. Having no idea what people did at the beach other than swim in the ocean, she quickly agreed, eager to learn what else they could do.

It was a day spent with plenty of swimming, making sand castles and showing much frustration as the waves came up and ruined them, burying each other in the sand, and beach volleyball. Tezzi was so tall compared to all the kids that were playing that she had to sit on her knees, trying to keep her balance as she knee-walked in the gritty sand.

She even spoke with some of the kids’ parents (understandably; some strange girl playing with the children? It was definitely weird), reassuring that while she’d come alone, she had never been to the beach before and had simply found an opportunity to make it there that day. This put many minds at ease, even earning Tezzi some food from a couple concerned mothers.

It was amazing, all the things she learned from adults and children alike. Humans were very interesting, and she had to wonder why they weren’t allowed to interact with them.

“Humans aren’t so bad,” she mused quietly, sitting at the water’s edge and just watching as some of the kids ran out with various floating toys.

Then again, she was disguised as one. And Maurelle quietly reminded her of it.

“It helps that they’re dumb and don’t know what you are,” the pixie whispered, still clinging to her friend’s hair. While the small creature had at first intended to hide and simply observe the beach activities of her troll companion, she had to admit it was fun to watch them all together.

“Still, would they really freak out if they knew? What’s so different between us, other than my skin, ears and tail?”

“Humans don’t like ‘different,’ Tezzi. You’ve been cooped up underground your whole life; I haven’t. I’ve seen how people can be when it comes to things they don’t understand.” Maurelle shuddered, causing water droplets to shower on Tezzi’s shoulder. “Just… just trust me on that one. This whole playtime thing is fine, but don’t push it, okay?”


“Tezzi! Are you gonna stay for the bonfire tonight?” The kids had suddenly waded their way back to shore, and Jaxson (the boy in the spider swim trunks, as Tezzi had learned) plopped down next to her wetly in the sand.

“I’ll share my marshmallows with you!” Cindy, a little blond thing in a pink one piece suit, chimed in next to Jaxson. They two were siblings, twins, and if not for their different attire Tezzi probably wouldn’t be able to tell them apart.

“We have hot dogs, too. Hot dogs are the best on a bonfire,” said Alex, a dark skinned young boy in yellow trunks.

Being in a cave with only trolls her whole life, Tezzi had been fascinated by the young boy—she’d never seen anyone with such dark colored skin. It reminded her of smooth, cool mud. She actually found herself a little jealous. She’d quietly asked Cindy why he was a different color, afraid she’d sound rude if she asked Alex directly. The young girl had blinked, looked over at Alex and her brother playing in the waves, and shrugged. “I didn’t really pay attention, I guess. Alex is our friend. You should see his race car collection, though! It’s super cool.”


“Yeah. Big fire. Grownups just talk and stuff, but we get to make s’mores and hot dogs and after it gets cold in the dark the fire is super warm…” Alex began listing things off on his fingers, eyes practically glowing in excitement.


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