Writing Prompt Wednesday – “Innocence”


My first finger painting by GrenadierJorinde

Daycare was a daily affair
Children screaming, playing
Cooking with plastic food
Dressing up in shoes far too large
Pretend grown-ups
A warm lunch, prayer before
And bible story afterwards
And then return home

Each day followed the same path

But every Wednesday
“The best day, right in the middle”
We would do something different
“New activity day”
Sometimes we would walk to the park
Or get to watch cartoons or movies
Even just helping clean the house

But today was a new day

It was finger painting
We rarely got to do messy things
She didn’t allow for big messes
But today, She unrolled a large sheet of paper
It took up most of the patio outside
And then she placed four buckets down
One for each corner

“They’re all red” someone said
“I like green”
“Can we use pink too?”

She shook her head, smiling encouragingly
“We’re trying something new today” She said
As an example, She gently took my hand
And dipped it in a bucket
It was thick, goopy, and smelled gross
“Red is a strong color, in lots of things”
She pointed to each of us
“Even in all of you”
Then She motioned to the paper

“And I want to see what you can make
With only red to create”

We sat for at least an hour
Making our families
Drawing favorite animals
Hand prints and knee smudges everywhere
With only one color
We had to be more detailed than usual
Restricted as we were
Slowly using up all the red we had

And She stood by
Taking pictures, encouraging us
“Making memories, so your family can see”
And smiling the entire time

We stood in a line once finished
And She cleaned us with the garden hose
As we giggled at the tickle of water
Scrubbing the red out from under our nails
Out of our hair, our clothes
But we were still stained at least a pink
By the time we all went home

“What did you do today?”

Little did we know
That one of the girls had gone missing
Gone before reaching home the day before
And that we had been painting with her


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