Only because I like lists.

This is simply a ‘little more ’bout me’ kinda thing. Because lists. And I like them. :3 Plus I’ve been kinda slowing down on writing lately, so I wanted to whip up something like this as a personal challenge. Also my way of kind of working through some personal things right now.

There may or may not (totally is) be a lot of random crap facts. But sometimes those are more fun than deep and personal ones. Right? Sure. 😀

I might get, like, awkwardly personal. Ouch. Careful in here.

1. I’m a listener. Not a talker.

2. My voice rises in pitch when talking to strangers/’important’ people. ‘Cause I’m nervous? No, I’m really not sure why. Trying to change myself for others, most likely.


3. Otherwise, I typically sound like a dude. At least to myself.

4. I love the spit out of video games, but lately don’t get to play them much.

5. Similarly, I love to read, but don’t find myself doing it.

6. I want to write and publish at least one book. Y’know, before I die.

7. I’m horrible at being honest with other people about myself. While I do not mind listening to others, if anyone asks about me I pretty much don’t know how to answer.

8. Most likely because when I was younger I was pretty verbally stifled. I love my friends and family, but their voices are much louder than mine, and so I had little opportunity to voice myself and my opinions. So now I just don’t talk, and sadly it’s a really hard thing to break myself of. And when it frustrates people or confuses them why I’m not saying anything, well… I’m not supposed to, right?
Maybe that’s why I like writing so much.

9. It’s funny, because through most of my childhood (up to almost the end of elementary school) I was quite a talk-y, wild child.

10. Pickles are gross, but cucumbers on sandwiches are yummm. (My mom found this recipe that is so simple but so damn goooood.)


11. My favorite foods are probably all junk food, ha-ha. Ice cream, potatoes made into pretty-much-anything, steak (oh god, ribeyessssss), crab Rangoon, cupcakes, actually the majority of sweets/candy on this planet, aaaaand… chicken noodle soup.

12. If I could have a super power, it would be to fly, or become invisible (the second being ironic, since I’m pretty much already there).

13. I’m aromantic. (Nope, not a typo.)

14. I’m also a romantic. (Nope, not a repeat, ha-ha.)

15. I’m pretty sure I’ve never loved anyone except my mom and brother, and my dog(s). Is that just because they’re family, so it feels obligatory? I don’t think so. I hope not.

16. On a related note, I love writing love stories. ❤ Never experienced it, but somehow I hope/think I’ll know it when/if I do…

17. In particular, I’ve written so much gay romance I’m not sure what my deal is. 😀 I just enjoy the idea of two men being able to show they love each other. Maybe I’m tired of all the hetero romances…

two-boys-kissing-by-david-levithan(I’m also reading this book right now. :3 But mainly I wanted the picture–aren’t they cute?)

18. Last on romance–I think, I hope–a lot of that gay romance was in fanfiction.

19. Why yes, I do write fanfiction. Not so much lately, but wowza did I write a loooot.

20. I wish I could draw. Desperately. Some days I fancy that I would trade a foot for the ability to draw what I deem as ‘really well.’

21. I really don’t think my life would change much if I was mute. Minus work and such, of course. But then other days I realize I would miss being able to speak, even if I don’t do it much.

22. I don’t hate anyone. Hate is such a strong feeling that, to me, I’d describe as wanting extreme harm–even death–for someone. Hate is a passionate feeling that is best kept in check.

23. That being said, I greatly dislike my dad. I don’t hate him, no, but he is one that I’d say probably has my ‘obligatory’ love. I hate things about him, maybe. He’s apparently quite the volunteering, generous, laughable, kind guy when he’s out in public (mainly the bar(s) he haunts and other main social functions). But other than that… He’s just so condescending, intentionally/unintentionally ignorant, ignoring, and can just be quite a mean person. And not just to me, but our entire immediate family. And then he’ll play it off a day or so later like nothing happened, and I’m sorry, but I just can’t do that. Especially depending on the words that were said.

24. Maybe I just hold grudges longer than necessary, but when you hurt me or someone I care about, I don’t take it lightly.

25. Getting away from whiny/dark things… I love foxes. And my favorite ‘mythical’ creature would probably be a dragon, or a kirin/qilin. They are all beautiful creatures, and the last two can vary so much, it’s fun to imagine different types.


26. I’ve never watched Star Wars or Star Trek. Nor do I have a desire to do so. I just don’t get into space-ish things. They both sound equally interesting, and maybe I’ll want to some day, but for now…

27. I can’t stand it when people touch me. I’ll start flipping shit and want to run away desperately but, you know, social conventions and all don’t letcha.

28. Elevators terrify me. I don’t know why, but now I much prefer the stairs. I just don’t like the idea of being in a tiny metal box that could plummet me to my death? Up isn’t too bad, but down… I also hate tiny spaces–I need my roooooom. Pretty sure the smallest space I can stand is my car, but it’s nice and cozy.

29. I want to travel all over the world.

30. But I can’t stand airplanes. They freak my shit out.

31. I want to learn all kinds of languages. I’m getting German down, sort of, but I’d really like to learn a lot more. Japanese, Russian, and Latin in particular. I just find them very interesting.

32. I love dogs. 😀 Like, love-love-love. They are the best animals ever.

33. I also have a dog! Though, she’s so darn tiny I think of her as a puppy, still. Even though she’s five this year. I cuddle her constantly. And she doesn’t like it at all, ha-ha. But… I can’t help myself! She’s actually very much like me. It’s kinda weird.

My pooch
My sweet babs, Hunni.

34. Bugs squick me out. Ew. I’ll be the one to squish them, but man, bugs… However, worms don’t bother me at all. Worms are cool. Used to play with them all the time as a kid. 😀

35. Terrified of snakes. They’re worse than bugs to me. And when they sneak up on me? Fuh-ged about it.

36. I think my dream job(s) would be to either work in publishing (as an editor, preferably) or story-lining for video games. I want to help people get their words out to others, and I also want to write stories to inspire others. And some of the most wonderful stories I’ve seen have been in games. 🙂

37. Love to give gifts, but don’t really care to receive them. I always feel like I’m in debt for some reason when people give me things… Plus I just plain don’t like it. Also don’t like opening them in front of the person who gave it to me (but I like to see their reaction when they open what I give them… I’m such a hypocrite).

38. I don’t care for chocolate much. Like, I love chocolate chip cookies, Reese’s, Kit Kat’s… pretty much, it’s gotta be mixed with something else, and not the overwhelming factor of the equation. Otherwise I don’t really care for it.

39. I also really don’t like mint, or cinnamon. Mint’s okay with chocolate (ha), but cinnamon flavored anything is just blehh.

40. Caramel, on the other hand… ;9 Yummm.

41. I don’t mind talking to people, but otherwise I could definitely live without much human-to-human interaction. I’m easily irritated as it is (wah-wah), and people in general are just dumb and annoying (myself included! Har-har)? Nobody take offense though… if possible. I’ll talk to ya’ll online, but in person? Get outta hee-ahh… 😛

42. I’m asexual.

43. I can’t ride a bike. Heh, I just never learned, so now I’m doomed to forever need three+ wheels… I’m actually very embarrassed/ashamed about this, but I don’t really have the resources to fix it right now, either. I’d love to learn, and I’ve even tried multiple times. I think my balance is just super bad, ha-ha.

44. I’m a huge tomboy! Used to be a big fat girly-girl as a kid, but I’m pretty sure I haven’t worn a dress/skirt/etc. since I was at least ten. But I’m slowly getting into some more ‘feminine’ things again. :3

45. I love meeting new people. 😀 Which might be weird to say, considering other things I’ve listed, but I do. It’s the ones you don’t know that have so much potential to share something new and interesting.

46. I used children’s toothpaste up until I was eighteen, simply because all other toothpastes tasted disgusting to me. But finally I got over the worst of my aversion to mint~ (Tried that orange kind though; figured why not. Ewwwwww no never again.)

47. I already know how this is going to sound, but I’ll say it anyway (’cause I have problems). I love kids. They’re so energetic and fun and excitable. I like that protective, big-sister feeling I get when kids look up to me and ask me for help or just to have fun. Maybe I just like being relied on. Babysitting is one of the more fun jobs I’ve had, because I learn a lot from those little squirts.
However… my job in retail has also taught me that kids are little Satan’s in tiny clothes. And that the parents that let them run wild without discipline need a good kick in the rear.

48. My favorite colors are purple/violet, mint green, and silver.

49. My memory is the pits. I can’t remember a great deal of my childhood, and it really saddens me. I know there were a lot of good times back then that I’m just plain missing out on now because I can’t remember them. I even have trouble remembering things from just a few seconds/minutes/hours prior to it being brought up again. I wish there was a way for me to get those memories back, but…

50. I was going to put something, I dunno, more interesting as a last one, but that seems kinda obvious, no? So how about something dumb and boring?
I watch My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic and find it adorable. Dang do I need to grow up, ha-ha.

And no, none of these pictures are mine (sans my pooch, of course). But after revealing myself (ha-ha, now I’m just imagining a flasher in a trench coat…) I’m just feeling lazy.


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