Writing Prompt Wednesday – “Game”


Tally Marks by Daniel Ruggierio Baker

On the chart, on his desk,
He took his pen and made another tally.
At this point, the Game was too easy.
A smile curled his mouth,
Twisted his features into a mask–

Love had forsaken him long ago,
With no such thing coming from anyone,
Especially not Mother.
“No woman wanted him–”
Oh, how he’d since proven her wrong.
It was all a part of the Game.

Women were easily swayed with looks,
With words, platitudes that easily fooled,
Smiles that disarmed and aroused.
Had they always been so easy to control?

And they fell in love with him.
So terribly easy for him, this Game.
They fell right into his hands, his lap–
How simple these women were.
All it took were words,
A dashing appearance–
Their hearts were now his.
They practically strung themselves up to his strings.

“Falling in love” was easy for them
And took so little effort on his part.
Did these little women, these girls,
Even know what love was? Surely,
For when they claimed it,
And he left them, his Game complete,
They certainly seemed distraught.

He needed no one’s love.

It was all for the Game,
The love he supposedly “couldn’t,”
Ever receive from any woman.

Tell that to the tally marks.

Vaguely inspired by the character Howl
And the song Hide Away by Daya


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