Writing Prompt Wednesday – “Umbrella”


umbrella by theluckynine


I’m never on time, it seems.

Rushing constantly

Leaving things behind

Only to need them later.

Luckily, however,

On rainy days

I always remember my umbrella

And wait in my place

For the next bus to come.

Every day I take my place

Rain or shine

As I wait for the next bus to come.


It’s the rainy season now

Constant downpour, sprinkling

A never-ending drizzle

And the pitta-patta of drops on my umbrella.

All the same, my shoes are soaked

Convenient and dressy slip-ons

But I forgot to wear my boots today, instead.

Ah, the thing I left behind–won’t be a surprise later, then.


I hear splashing from my left

And slightly lift my umbrella to see someone

Running, dashing through the rain

Briefcase held overhead to shield already mussed hair

Skewed tie scarcely around his slim neck.

He slows, so as not to splash the other waiting bus-goers

Panting, shivering, breath misting in the grey air

Thankful not to have missed the bus.


We stand for a moment, and he checks his watch

The bus should be here by now, late, late

And I gently nudge his briefcase with my umbrella.

He looks up, tilts his head to see underneath

And I lift up to see out

Inching over to cover him, as well.

So close I can feel the shivers

Feel his shaky, breathy ‘thank you’

And make out the design on his light blue tie.

Looks like rain today.


Umbrella by koyamori


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