Writing Prompt Wednesday – “Possession”

I’ll admit it–I did the “let’s close our eyes and point to choose” game for this prompt, and it landed between this and ‘gunshot.’ I thought this would be more fitting, considering it’s Halloween. ❤


Possession by Aeon-Lux

The demon lies in wait, each and every night

There is no sleep for either of them

“Little boy, little boy, I see you–”

He closes his eyes, fighting the tempting voice

The trap, the lure, so inviting

But he will not permit the demon entrance


Yet the demon persists, insists on cooperation

The demon will not be ignored

“Little boy, little boy, I’m still here–”

He grasps his head, covers his ears

But the voice is never gone

And demands to be heard


He could imagine the demon

Eyes like fierce embers, teeth glinting and sharp

And how he wondered if his imagination was reality

But he could not look, should not–

“Little boy, little boy, let me in–”

A shiver races up and down his body

The warmth sapped from his very being

And a shudder-y breath escapes

Misting before him in the cool air


He knew better, knew not to look

For that was how the demon entered

And stole you

Replaced you

In the end, became you

He knew not to look

But couldn’t resist temptation


“Little boy, little boy, we are eternally one–”

He opens his eyes and sees the demon

Just as he’d pictured, frightening

Sees himself, accepting that

I was you all along


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