Happy Halloween!

Halloween is probably my favorite holiday–I used to love trick-or-treating and getting costumes and stuff. We’d drive around and look at all the decorations people put up–still do, sort of. In grade school, when we were super young, we’d wear costumes to school and play games and stuff all day (er, half a day? I think preschool was only half-days for me, back then. Ah, youth). It was all Halloween related. It was great…

I miss being a kid.

So for Halloween I’m just sharing some art and what-not with y’all. Hope you enjoy, happy Halloween, and stay safe!

Missing Halloween by Mike Inel
It’s about 8 minutes for the animation, but so worth the watch.
Mike Inel is an amazing artist and animator.

halloween_by_sandara-d2c6p0w (1)

halloween by sandara


Halloween by SimonWeaner

pumpkins_by_depingo-d9evh8m (1)

Pumpkins by depingo

tumblr_nwtapxEKjk1tzpwk7o1_1280 (1)

Found here.


by Susan Haug


Halloween by Sephiroth-Art


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