Writing Prompt Wednesday – “Knife”


A companion for wilderness by Druchuan

When you’re taught all you need to know

To survive in the harsh world you live in

There comes a time for challenge

A rite of passage

Left alone in the wilderness with nothing but

You and a blade

To do what with?

You know

Of course you know

It was ingrained in you since you could walk

But faced with adversity on your own

In a world devoid of anything but you

You and your deadly knife

The world grows so much larger

And harbors much more to fear

With no one by your side to guide you

Take shelter in burrow, cave, tree hollow

You are small, compared to this world

You must find your place to survive in

You will wander aimlessly

Struggling over rock and root

Searching for nothing

But never reaching a destination

Until, finally, your weary body can take no more

You must feed

Snares are simple for you

Your specialty, growing up

Trap setting is second nature

And makes use of the world around you

Snag and release was a game to you

Back then

But the satisfaction of your first catch is short-lived

When you must stare between your living


Next meal

And the knife you must use to slaughter it

Heart beating at the speed of lightning

To match your own



Music Selection:
Gates, by Instrumental Core


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