Writing Prompt Wednesday – “Amused”


Trap by FlorentCourty

Grey had originally been excited to check out the abandoned settlement of some old-days tribe–it was always a rush to find the remnants of a people who used to be where he stood, but then one day were just gone. Aaron, his partner in crime, had been just as eager. Their exploring ventures had simply been a part of their dynamic since their were little. They just got paid for it as adults.

Now, however, Grey was already fed up with the day and wanted to go home. And they’d only been snooping around for an hour. His ankle hurt and blood was rushing to his head. Things were starting to look fuzzy around the edges of his vision.

He’d been calling for Aaron for a few minutes, but never heard a response. Grey fumbled for his phone in his pocket, but this far out in the middle of no where, there was no signal. He grumbled in frustration and attempted to put his phone away, only to miss his pocket and watch as it fell to the ground. Grey groaned–hopefully that expensive, protective case made good on its advertising.

“Aaron!” he tried again, voice sounding odd in his own ears.

“Coming!” he heard a ways off, and a quiet “thank god” escaped him as he heard his friend stomp through the trees.

Aaron was already nattering away about some things he’d found, not noticing Grey’s predicament immediately. “You won’t believe it, Grey, everything is still so well preserved considering it’s been in the open air. But it’s still old! Like, look at this blade! It’s almost like–”

Aaron finally stopped for breath and glanced up, finding Grey’s face almost level with his own, but upside down. Grey gestured helplessly with his arms, the movement feeling weird, what with being stuck upside down for so long and all.

Aaron snorted before turning away, a guffaw breaking past his trembling lips.

“Is this fuckin’ funny to you?” Grey snarled, just wanting to get down already because damn, he couldn’t feel anything other than his snared ankle.

“Definitely,” Aaron admitted easily, covering his mouth to smother more laughs as he turned back around. His eyes crinkled in amusement. “I warned you to watch out for old traps, but as always you had to rush blindly ahead…”

“Can you lecture me when I can actually completely hear your voice, instead of the blood rushing in my ears?” Grey deadpanned.

“I don’t know–I’ve always wanted to try breaking open a piñata…”


“Fine, fine, but hold on–all I have is this old knife I found and I’m not compromising it just to help you out of your screw up.” He turned and wandered back from where he’d come from. “Let me grab my knife from my pack.”

“Your sympathy is heartwarming!” Grey hollered sarcastically.


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