Writing Prompt Wednesday – “Death”


Paragon of Death by Onyx-Philomel

He heaved in as much air in as few breaths as he could, trying not to draw attention while also trying to get his energy back. But a sob wracked through his frame again, and he let the sword drop from his hand and collapsed to the ground.

Zane saw the image fly before his eyes over and over: Nekane shoving him through the portal back home; the look on her face that went against her normally dour and irritable attitude by showing concern, for him or her he didn’t know; and the ablaze blade that cleanly sliced through her gut just before the world was engulfed in white and he was back home, so unfairly far from where he was desperately needed. And the portal had closed.

He knew that she was gone. Even a demon surely couldn’t live through a flaming sword in the middle, could they? He could tell himself otherwise, but the false hope gave him little solace. And so he grieved, not knowing what to do now that his mission had failed.

Novel snippet I’d had written for a school project. Sadly very short, heh, but a “death” prompt none-the-less!


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