Writing Prompt Wednesday – “Everyday Magic”


From here.

Desperately wanting nothing more than a nap with peace and quiet, Debbie was so close to finally falling asleep when she felt a prod in her ribs.

She groaned. It had been an extremely long day, filled with nothing but angry bosses and constant errand running. She was used to it, expected it, but it still made for a trying day when it continued to pile on over and over. Being an intern trying to get a higher level dream job was no joke.

It would be worth it later, she kept telling herself. It’s for me, for Freddie, so we can live comfortably. But when no one at work would turn to grace you with the time of day, it didn’t take much to dampen the spirit.

Another prod, this time at the back of her head, followed by a soft “Mom” pulled her from her pity party.

Stretching her legs out in front of her, Debbie rolled and flopped over on her couch, peeking open an eye to see her ten year-old son standing in front of her. She sat up, slouching back into the couch.

“What is it, Freddie?” she asked, blinking her eyes to help her stay awake.

“I wanna cheer you up,” he said. Then his hands moved.

He picked at the front of his shirt with both hands before pulling them back, revealing an old wooden coin in one hand–a plaything of his. While she was a bit more awake now, to Debbie it looked like her son’s hands her waving randomly in the air before her.

But then, the coin was gone, and in its place was a purple African daisy. Its petals spread, curled, spread like small arms that would reach for the sun if it were outside, and the beautiful deep blue center with patches of yellow pollen. It was her favorite, and her eyes widened at the sight of it.

“I know you’ve been working really hard,” Freddie said, holding the flower out to her. Debbie took it gently, a smile growing on her face. “So I wanted to practice a magic trick and get you something, to make your day better.”

Holding the flower away so it wouldn’t be damaged, Debbie pulled her son to her in a hug. She squeezed him tightly, and he returned the favor.

“Thank you sweetie, it’s just what I needed today,” she said softly, kissing the top of his head and looking to the flower fondly. Debbie twirled it in her hand, grateful that even after a rough day, she always had her little boy to magic some life back in to her.


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