Writing Prompt Wednesday – “Love”


Tender by MyLifeThroughTheLens

Now that all the snow had melted and the flowers were blooming, the weather was rather nice. In fact, Dante thought to himself, it was the perfect time to set up the hammock.

When the weather was like it was now, warm and bright with the new plants for this year blooming or budding, he always enjoyed setting up the hammock his mother had bought for the main and simple reason of relaxing, and, in Dante’s case, catching up on his bands. With school and his job, he didn’t have much time to relax anymore, or so it felt to him.

But it was his spring break back visiting home and, apparently, a day free of school work. Positively perfect.

Sighing with a small smile on his lips while looking at the hammock, now slightly swinging after just being let go, Dante couldn’t wait to settle down.

The only problem was, as soon as he did, he only listened to a few songs before he slipped into a slumber that was deeper than he’d had for quite some time. School and work had been taking their toll, after all…

This is how Robyn found the young man about an hour later.

He lay on it the long way, one leg hanging over the edge, slightly swaying, making the hammock rock to and fro, but not so violently to make it look like a child pumping their legs on a swing. His hair was a disheveled mess, and his face held a peaceful look. His phone was still held up as if he were about to open his eyes and begin swiping through music on it again.

Robyn shook her head slightly, a wistful smile on her lips.

She then eyed the hammock oddly. She’d seen children’s swings and other playthings, but never something like this. A swing strung between two trees… How bizarre… Robyn knew what a hammock was, certainly, but had never had the opportunity of being in the presence of one before.

Suddenly getting an idea, Robyn smirked. She walked over to the hammock, gently lifting the phone from her boyfriend’s hands and pulling the headphones from his head. Dante didn’t budge. Robyn backed up a couple paces and set the electronics down, then crouched down into a stance, ready to pounce…

“Oof!” Dante squawked loudly. Robyn had jumped and landed with perfect precision, not causing the swing to tip over, but enough to rouse and startle, not to mention scare the shit out of, her favorite person to pick on. The hammock swung wildly back and forth, and Robyn began snickering.

“You little… demon!” Dante growled, wrapping his arms around Robyn tightly. He then laughed, leaning over to kiss her. “You’re playful today.”

“Hm… I’m bored,” Robyn said languidly, stretching out along the brunette’s body.

“Mmf.” Dante shifted a bit. “Jeez Robyn, you’re heavy.”

“Ohh, poor thing.” Robyn snuggled into Dante’s chest, sighing happily.

The young man chuckled, fixing his glasses that had gone askew from the sudden interruption. Robyn was always so sweet when they were alone. She turned a complete 180 degrees when they had time to themselves, with none of their friends or family around. It was time that was very much cherished since, for them, it didn’t happen as often as it used to.

Kissing the top of Robyn’s head, Dante smiled at his now sleeping love. She’d been just as busy as he had, lately. Leaning back against the hammock again, he began to sway his body, making it rock them. Sighing happily himself, he got as comfortable as possible and continued to finish his nap.

The hammock continued to swing gently, like the gentle push of a mother rocking a baby.


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