Writing Prompt Wednesday – “My Inspiration”


Into the Mystic by MalenaValcarcel
Music Selection/’Inspiration’

Light and lilting,

Watching your fingers dance across the keys was my daily dose of magic.

It never failed,

We’d always find each other at the same time everyday.

Sitting on this little bench with you,

Which seemed to grow even smaller as the years passed,

Was the highlight of my day.

And once I was a little older,

You took me under your wing,

Gentle smile and careful hands,

And taught me to play,

And make magic of my own.

It could never rival yours,

But sharing this pastime with you was a new type of magic on its own.

The cool keys under my fingers,

The smoothness and shine they had seemed to emit a glow,

And my eyes and ears drank it in with each and every press.

We would inhale the notes,

Exhale the sounds,

And brighten the room with our smiles.


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