Unboxing – J. K. Rowling’s Wizarding World, Nov. 2016

Hello and happy Friday! Hope you had a great Thanksgiving if you’re in America, and I hope for everyone who doesn’t celebrate it just had an awesome week! Depending on where you are, hopefully you’re relaxing after some Black Friday shopping or are just getting ready to settle in for the weekend, because:

I wanted to do something a little different for a post, and since I got this awesome box in the mail before Thanksgiving…

Let’s get into it! But first, of course, if you are also subscribed to the Loot Crate J. K. Rowling Wizarding World box  (or have yet to see Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them in theaters) and don’t want spoilers, you may want to skip over this one! And no, this is not sponsored. I just really love Harry Potter.

This is also very image heavy–I’ve shrunk them down, but if you’d like a larger view of the items in the box you can click on the images for more detail!

IMG_0248.JPGAfter seeing the top of the box I was ready to dive right in, but Loot Crate is pretty awesome at dolling up the actual box their subscription service comes in, as well.

If you’ve seen the Fantastic Beasts movie already, you might recognize the sticker-seal on the box from Newt Scamander’s beasty-case! I just really like the attention to detail Loot Crate has for these things. It’s not one of the physical items, but it definitely adds to the experience. But enough about that; let’s get inside!

Here’s the first peek into the box, and it looks like Loot Crate kept the designing going on the inside, too! My phone camera sadly doesn’t do it much justice, but I love the color. And I spy a t-shirt!


I’m going to start with the Loot Crate ‘staple’ of their sub boxes. So first up is the booklet/poster/etc. they include in (from what I’ve seen) all their various sub boxes that lists and describes all the items included. For this box we have a scroll with a red ‘wax’ seal sticker to keep it shut!

IMG_0262.JPGLooks like we’ve got six different items in here. Four of them look like they’re from the latest Fantastic Beasts movie. This box includes a t-shirt (which we’ve caught a glimpse of already), a plush, a POP! figure, a pin, a keychain, and a notebook. All neatly shown on a scroll. Very nice and fitting presentation of all the items!

Some closer shots of the scroll (click for a bigger view):


Now onto the next item, let’s start with that t-shirt! This is from the Fantastic Beasts movie, showing a page from an American Wizarding World newspaper, “The New York Ghost.” There are tons of little details to look for on here and things to read, including a scene from the movie. And it looks like American wizards are starting to hop on the baseball bandwagon. My how the times have changed. It’s a really nice, comfy tee that’s super roomy (I put my shirt size as women’s large–looks like this one is a male’s/unisex, so it’s definitely bigger than what I usually wear!).


Hiding under the t-shirt is everything else, but the first two things you see are the Pigwidgeon plush and the Niffler POP! figure. Pig is Ron Weasley’s owl from the Harry Potter series, and the Niffler is a creature we see in the Fantastic Beasts movie with a penchant for shiny things. Both are rather hectic, (unintentionally) destructive creatures–it’s a wonder I got my box in one piece. 😛 Niffler was one of the five possible POP! figures subscribers could have received this month, according to our cheat-scroll. If you got this crate, who did you get?

IMG_0255.JPG        IMG_0254.JPG

Next up is a keychain from Harry Potter, featuring a sealed envelope, tassle, and a little Hedwig! It’s very nice quality and hefty, so definitely not one of those cheapy metal keychains you can find some places that bend or fall apart easily. I really like the two-tone silver and gold–Hedwig stands out nicely against the gold/black of the rest of the keychain.

And following the keychain is a lapel pin of a bowtruckle from Fantastic Beasts! Gotta say, bowtruckles in this movie seem much nicer/more adorable than the ones I remember from the old PC games of Harry Potter that my brother and I played. Those things were jerks. But this is Pickett, the nice and helpful bowtruckle that tags along in Newt’s pocket in the movie! Very cute pin design!

IMG_0256.JPG       IMG_0253.JPG

Last but not least is the notebook! This features a front and back design of the American equivalent of the Ministry of Magic in the Harry Potter series–the Magical Congress of the United States of America (or MACUSA). It’s a really nice quality notebook, and the designs are very detailed, with gold leaf on the pages. This is, however, another unfortunate case of “my camera does no justice,” so it’s hard to read in the images, but it does have “Magical Congress of the United States of America” around the edges of the circular logo, both front and back. Aside from the shirt (because I know I’ll get use out of that–wearing it as I type!) this is probably my favorite thing in the box.

IMG_0258.JPG          IMG_0259.JPG

IMG_0260.JPG     IMG_0261.JPG

That wraps up the first Wizarding World subscription box! Let me know what you guys think of this, and if you’d like to see more unboxing posts! This is pretty different from my writing prompts, and probably won’t happen too often (I’m not subbed to very many), but if you like what you see let me know! I love sharing stuff like this so more people can see and enjoy the potential goodies out there!


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