Writing Prompt Wednesday – “Light”


Lights by leruswing

Lampposts shining through snowy coatings

Icicles glistening, reflecting and mirroring

Decorations covered in glitter and sparkling

Truly, this is the time that light comes in abundance

City streets are lined in whites, reds, blues, greens

Windows of almost every home twinkling happily

Snowflakes and stars, strings and dangling shines

Every color under the sun

Even some you hadn’t thought of before

There is no lacking of lights in the city

But even outside the limits

On old country roads matted down with ice and dust

Even in this seemingly light-less place

There is the moon, the light on icy crystals

Trees just shy of dripping glistening dewdrops

And stars, true stars, never lacking in their own special shine

Winter, snow and ice, though cold and sometimes disheartening

Has its own special beauty to share with our artificial glow

For truly, this is the time that light comes in abundance


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