Writing Prompt Wednesday – “Party”


From here.

“Participation awards are great and all, but giving me one just for going to this party…”

“At least I got you out of the house,” his roommate laughed, handing him his ‘participation pie’ and waving a hand in the air, a “get over it” sass to the motion. “Introverts sometimes need to step out of their comfort zone. I would have gotten you something better, but since you left early…”

“Right,” Davis snorted, taking the pie. At least Kevin was kind enough to go for his favorite–banana cream. The party was almost worth it, just for that. “Until I die from overexposure. And there was no way I was staying any longer. They started throwing people in the pool.” He shuddered at the thought.

“Touché.” Kevin sighed, as if Davis’ disgust with social interaction pained him. For all Davis knew, maybe it did. Kevin was one of the most social people he knew. “I forgot you’re not a swimmer, and you were sitting near the pool…”

“Yeah, probably not the smartest place to plop.” Davis chuckled, and nudged his friend in the shoulder as thanks. Despite it not being his ideal way to spend the night, he was glad to have a friend that cared enough to try. Kevin’s smirk and return nudge let him know that his message got across.

Happy belated Pi day, y’all.


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