Writing Prompt Wednesday – “Time Police”


The Sea Siren’s Demise by TheFoxAndTheRaven

Scratching her wrist absently around the watchband wrapped snugly around it, Amalia glanced over the photo in her free hand detailing where she would go for her next assignment. The picture looked like it was a gas station attached to a supermarket chain, pretty standard and boring looking, with what was probably the owner standing out front. So maybe the grand opening. Flipping it over, the back of the photo had the details of her job and a second picture of the perp.

September 14th, 2101 @ 15:09
Terry Miiller, current
Wanted for stolen time tech and lotto fraud
Not armed
Apprehend and return to HQ

Seemed simple enough–small fry trying to make extra cash. This was actually a pretty common one, though usually they were found a lot quicker than this. Half a year? Amalia rolled her eyes–obviously this guy must have known what he was doing. Didn’t make this job any more exciting.

Holding the photo at arms length, Amalia held up her watch and let it scan. The tech was slow–they seriously needed to work on the load times, especially when the photos were so clear like this one–until it registered the date and location the photo was taken on the watch-face. Confirming the information from the front and back of the physical photo and imputing the correct date and time she wanted, Amalia pressed the “JUMP” button and braced herself.

The intricacies of time travel were a task to learn all on their own, and Amalia could honestly say a good chunk of it was lost to her at this point. Like most things she’d learned in school, the knowledge was there long enough to pass all the tests, but now? She was practically a blank slate.

That was fine, though. She’d passed and now she was an officer upholding the law through time and space. Which sounded rather grandiose, but once you got into the fine print of the job, it definitely wasn’t like in the movies.

There was no, “Go back and take out this tyrannical leader before X happens,” type nonsense. Partly because that was dangerous work anyway, but also because no one knew how that would change the future. Goodness knew it could turn out to be so much worse. Add in potential paradoxes, loops, outright mistakes… It was best to leave larger incidences as they were. They didn’t need a bunch of wannabe heroes trying to “change the world for the better.”

So instead, Amalia and her coworkers found themselves more-so hunting through records and time (and the occasional rich person who’d gone back and found evidence of tomfoolery and wanted justice) for scammers. Today’s example just happened to be fake lottery tickets. It was one of the more common crimes, and they had a whole department dedicated to sifting through records to weed out people who tried to get away with it. This Terry guy was just a drop in a huge lake.

Starting from her timepiece-adorned wrist, Amalia felt a gentle tug, and then suddenly a sharp pull and jerk before it felt like something unseen was yanking her through the air. It was fairly quick, the whole thing, and every time she told herself she’d try to keep her eyes open in case she could spot anything. Never managed to do it, though.

And then she was there, hidden to the side of the gas station at exactly 15:05. She had four minutes before Terry Miiller showed up to await himself coming to get gas (she assumed), where he’d most likely try and slip the winning numbers/ticket into his pocket, or car, or whatever. Didn’t matter–on her watch, it wasn’t going to happen.

Full prompt found here. “You thought that being in the Time Police would involve more Hitler and other Fate-of-the-World situations, but mostly it’s just preventing people from winning bets or cheating the stock market.”


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