Writing Prompt Wednesday – “Irregular Orbit”


Aurora by Orikon

So strange to look back

Remembering a time before knowing you

And thinking of myself, and how much duller I was

Without you in my life

I’d never given much thought to how people can effect each other

How much I’ve improved

How much I’ve grown

How much I’ve drastically changed

All because you chose to seek me out

In my own little world

Hidden from the rest of it

And started this snowball effect with a simple “hello”

It seemed so easy for you

A cheeky grin, a sparkle in your eye

And how you seemed to gravitate toward me

Revolving and circling like a puppy

Though there were the occasional wobbles

Diverging from a straight path

My own little satellite

Continued its orbit

And like the determined force of gravity

I found myself drawn right back

Like the moon and the earth’s magnetic field

Potentially connected in some way

And bringing only better things to my life

I never would have found the aurora within me

If not for your omnipresence


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