Writing Prompt Wednesday – “Dangerous Territory”


Fall From Grace by Davenit

Daring, bold, you tread far too close to dangerous territory

Asking for consequences with your toe on the line

Now how do you propose you make it in and out alive?

Generosity has already been spared to you, allowing you so close

Even my patience wears increasingly thin, however

Rascals and rogues have attempted this trial many a time–and failed

Obviously, you see yourself as being the exception

Until, like them, you’ll eventually come to realize your own flaws

Slinking in the shadows of your disillusioned mind


Tell me–do you think you are above consequences?

Even kings are made to answer for their shortcomings

Rectifying their mistakes with payment of some sort

Regrettably for them, this can often lead to their demise

I would think you would know better, would have learned from the past

Toiling away to ensure that a similar fate would not befall you

Openly admitting to your own follies–no, you’re not capable

Really, the only thing you can do at this point is continue

Your pointless journey will be your downfall


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