Writing Prompt Wednesday – “Spark”


Ignite by IvanAndreevich

Wave after wave has crashed upon this shore

Laying waste to carefully constructed castles of sand

Sand which, each and every grain

Small and seemingly insignificant alone,

Provides the structure to yourself, your mind

A roaring fire of mental fortitude

Hidden behind easily crumbled walls

Delicate to touch, they are the only defense

Sheltering such a precious commodity

But despite the battering flood

Able to seep into the smallest of openings

And utterly destroy that wall of self-confidence

Little can be done to the flame of your inner strength

Still somehow ignited and crackling with will

How, after so many tidal waves of emotion

Sparing no thought to your inner warmth,

How you find the strength to continue is


Even now, after another wall has slunk down

Returning to naught but a pile of sand

Your flame is the brightest thing on this horizon

Bursting forth, upward in determination

In an attempt to light those around you

Even the smallest of sparks

Can spur the largest of blazes


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