Writing Prompt Wednesday – “You”


No words, just notes by PascalCampion

Shall I make a list?

Of all the things that make you, you?

Let’s start here, right here

This bashful dimple in your cheek

Having to listen to someone praise you

Ah, there’s another for the list

Your humility, so admirable

And your night-sky eyes,

Coupled with your shy smile,

That sends tingles down my spine

The feelings you incite in me

Could that go on the list?

Your dedication, your drive

You put all of yourself into everything you do

And it shows, really shines

And perfectly complements your weathered hands

The hands of a hard worker, a kind helper

Hands that completely cover my own

And fit snugly, fingers laced with fingers

Where am I, how many is that?

The things that make me love you

This list isn’t just for me, you know

Because, while I love you dearly

These beautiful qualities of yours?

You, more than anyone, should know them all

It is you, after all


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