Writing Prompt Wednesday – “Delight”


Photo by William Britten

Delicately, large hands, warm hands

Cover the tiny eyes of curiosity and excitement

The sun is seen from within

And these warmed hands turn golden orange with the light

Unable to contain themselves, the curious child eagerly reaches up

Placing their own small hands atop the others

“Not yet, not yet,” their guardian laughed

They were close, just a few more steps

And as they halted, the child suddenly felt sand beneath their feet

Clumping and collecting between each toe as they wiggled eagerly

A whisper next to their ear gave permission to look

And the warm hands slipped away to reveal a cool breeze

An even cooler blue sky

Meeting like an old friend at the horizon with the vast sea

And the warmth flooded to the child’s eyes instead

Fueled by delight and gratefulness


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