Writing Prompt Wednesday – “Disgust”


Trapped by JoJoesArt

The curling of these fingers, the span of this hand

Closing slowly into a fist of resolve

The old me is gone, and now

I must continue as myself


Who even was the person from before

But a shallow husk feeding on the joy of others

There was no happiness in them

No lust for life, no vim and vigor

Their hollow chest echoed with regrets

And their hunger never to be sated

They could not feel, could not hope to understand

This flesh was but a mask to hide the winding cogs

A machine, abandoned and fallen to disrepair

Their want was merely a malfunction

It was only right to put them out of their misery

And spare the world from further destruction


This phantom ache, a recollection of past pain

Best to put me away for murder

For the monster I once was is now dead

But the memory lingers still


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