Writing Prompt Wednesday – “Question”


I Can’t Stay For Long by P0RG

Here we are again

As with every day

Together and yet so damnably far apart

God forbid one of us breaks the silence

This is routine, this is how it is

I wouldn’t dare shatter what we have for a chance

With a smile, I depart, escaping back to longing thoughts

Wanting was okay, wasn’t it? Allowed?

Never to be acted on lest I ruin what was here–


And with surprise, I do

This wasn’t the way things went

But today was different, a new day

A tongue darts, wetting chapped lips

Nervous, timid… afraid?

Finally, a whisper

As eyes determinedly delve into my soul

“Will you stay?”

A breath, shuddering in a tight throat

Mine, or theirs?

Such a simple question, considering

The answer would be life changing

Wanting was okay, but with this chance?

Presented like the last gift to ever be received

How could I possibly say no?

I turn back

Never able to deny them anything

And I stay


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