Writing Prompt Wednesday – “Remorse”


compose by alperyesiltas

He couldn’t think of a single moment in his life where he’d felt regret. He never spoke without thinking through every possibility, plotting the course of most conversations to the point that it would likely be called obsessive, paranoia. Each action was carried out with purpose and no wasted effort. He didn’t believe in wasting time, whether it was his own or someone else’s.

After meeting Andrew, however, he found it increasingly difficult to keep track of the minutes when he just ended up staring dumbly at his face. Words would take even longer to come to him, his usual ability to be snappy and on top of things floundering. And he found himself wondering if he would end up regretting this, letting himself get lost in bright eyes and dopey smiles. Both of which were being directed at him right now.

“What?” he asked, clearing his throat and sitting up straight. He blinked, trying to refocus on… what had they even been talking about?

Richard,” Andrew laughed his name, shaking his head and flustering Richard even more. God damn, even just hearing his name was enough to skew his brain all over again. What a mess. “Were you even listening? Oliver said he sent you the next mission briefing. Care to share or do I need to hack into your email or something?”

It took a beat, but at the mention of their informant it was all business again. Good, he needed to get back on track. Stupid, unaware Andrew. “Pillar Financial, safety deposit box.”

Thank you,” his partner smiled, all chipper and perky as always. Richard bit back on the urge to drag a hand down his face.

Andrew turned back to his computer, mouse moving quickly. “I don’t think we’ve hit them yet, but it shouldn’t be too much of a hassle to get blueprints for you and get something set up for the security.”

“I’ve been there before,” Richard offered. He knew the layout of the place from a previous hit. “Very basic floor plan. A loop feed for the cameras should be enough, so all we’ll need is the guard schedule and paths, and bypasses for the doors.”

“Toooo easy,” Andrew murmured, typing away. His nose scrunched the slightest bit and his eyes narrowed a tad as he concentrated, and Richard once again found himself almost blatantly staring at the little hints of crows feet at the corner of Andrew’s eyes.

Richard clenched his jaw and turned back to his own screen. Stupid, positively distracting Andrew. Because it was clearly his fault. He was definitely going to regret letting this fixation go on for as long as it had.


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