“Wer zum Teufel ist das?”

Bri Wei Creative Logo

/bree way kriˈeɪtɪv/

I’m here to share my writings. I love to write and design. My main website is primarily my design work, and so this is where the writing magic happens. 🙂 I might share some WIPs for writing and designing here, and snippets of finished pieces.

I prefer fiction, am not-so-awesome at poetry, and fantasy is my favorite. I strive for the fantastic.

I’m hugely inspired by a variety of things, major ones including Japanese pretty-much-anything, mythology, video games, fantasy, candy and desserts (because what stereotypical girl doesn’t love sweets), and much more.

I’m just here to write and have fun.

13 O’clock – 50 Randoms about Bri

In no particular order, and sometimes links to favorites…

Favorite Authors:
~ Diana Wynne Jones
~ J.R.R. Tolkien
J.K. Rowling
~ Rainbow Rowell

Favorite Poets:
~ Rumi
~ Dante Alighieri
Bobbie Meislohn

Favorite Artists:
~ Bob Ross
~ Roberto Nieto
~ Ben Heine
~ Ellen Jewett
Wenqing Yan


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