Writing Prompt Wednesday – “Fulfilled”


The Empty Bed by serrah

A loud knock on the door had Richard jumping, which in his condition was not at all optimal. So instead of telling whoever it was on the other side that had the nerve to spook him to get in there and show themselves he groaned loudly.

They either heard him and took that as their cue or decided the knock was enough warning. Andrew stuck his head around the door frame, shit-eating grin on his face. “Long time no see!”

“Jesus, Andrew, have some mercy on the injured.” Richard’s griping was half-hearted, tone mostly colored by his sudden discomfort.

He was actually relieved to see Andrew. After the fiasco that was their last job landing him with a bullet to the side, Andrew had been tasked with handling all the formalities and after effects alone. It had been a success, thankfully, but even in their underground work there was still the bureaucratic bullshit to get through and finish things up. Richard had been kept in the dark despite his constant questions to his colleagues, but he hoped the rest of the job tied up nicely. He and Andrew were supposed to handle the hand-off of their ill-gotten gains together, and he’d be lying if he said he hadn’t been nervous to not be there to make sure it went well.

Andrew’s being here was obviously a good sign.

Taking a seat on the edge of the bed, opposite of Richard’s injured side, Andrew sighed. His grin was more thin now, and Richard could clearly see the lines of stress and tiredness pulling at his eyes. “Finally finished up all the paperwork and boring stuff,” Andrew said lightly. He pressed the back of his hand to his forehead in a very ‘woe is me’ gesture. “It was agony without you there.”

“Agony because you had to do it by yourself, maybe,” Richard laughed lightly, unable to keep his eyes from rolling. God he’d missed Andrew. It had been over a week and he suddenly realized he hadn’t gone that long without seeing his partner in… he didn’t even know how long. “How did it go? The few people that actually felt like stopping in wouldn’t tell me anything.”

“Went off without a hitch, of course.” Andrew winked. “Missed you, though–Fabián is damn good, but it’s just not the same as having you there.”

Richard desperately hoped the warmth of his face and neck wasn’t visible.

Andrew turned a bit, settling his thigh and knee up on the bed so he could face Richard more. He gave him a once-over. The grin slipped into a tight-lipped hum of thought. “How are you doing? They wouldn’t tell me anything, either.”

His hand lightly touched his hip, feeling the bump of bandages under his covers and thin shirt. Richard shrugged. “I’m not dead,” he offered, and when all that got him was a stern ‘don’t be an ass’ look he amended, “I bled more than anything. It mostly went through muscle and fat,” he said, lightly jiggling his uninjured left hip for emphasis. “Skimmed a bone or something though, and of course the fact that I have a hole in my side…”

“Have you ever been shot before?”

“No, and I don’t intend to have this become a thing either. If I can help it.” Richard had been damn lucky the bullet didn’t go even a bit further to the left, or down, or–well, he was just lucky. Getting the bullet dug out was awful, but his stay was almost over now, thank god. He sighed. “It’s been boring as hell here, though. They took my phone.”

“Oh,” Andrew said softly, reaching into his jacket pocket. Held aloft as if a prize was Richard’s phone and a charger. “Your sister has called a lot, by the way.”

The prospect of having a cure for his boredom far outweighed the sinking feeling at the mention of his sister–god knows what she wanted, probably money. As his mouth began to open in an enthused “thank you” he reached forward for his phone, only for Andrew to pull back. Richard frowned. “What are you doing?”

Another cheeky grin sprouted, and Andrew waggled the phone in his hand tauntingly. Bastard. He damn well knew Richard couldn’t lean forward and take it from him. Not without it hurting like a bitch. “What, don’t I get anything for being kind enough to bring this to you?”

“It’s probably because you’ve had it this whole time that I didn’t get it sooner.”

Andrew hummed again, and tapped the lip of the phone case to his chin in mock-thought. “Gigi may have asked where it was so they could bring it on their visit, and I said I had it covered…”

“If I could kick you I would,” Richard grumbled, waving a hand at him dismissively. As it was he definitely could not do any kicking, or much moving at all for that matter. He raised his knee the slightest bit and shoved it as hard as he dared into Andrew’s back from under the blanket, instead.

Andrew didn’t miss a beat. “Swap that ‘C K’ for two ‘S’s’ and we’ll be in business.”

“What?” he asked, before his brain actually put two and two together. Their eyes met, and while Andrew looked the most serious he’d ever seen him Richard felt his own eyes narrow and then widen in realization. “What?” he asked again. He’d heard him the first time, but the clarification couldn’t hurt.

This time the phone tapped lightly at Andrew’s bottom lip, drawing Richard’s eyes there briefly before they shot back up again. “K-I-S-S,” he spelled out slowly, and Richard wasn’t sure if he was being patronizing or afraid to say the actual word. “That’s not asking too much. Is it?”

He was genuinely asking, giving Richard an out if he wanted.

Normally he would spend a fair amount of time looking at this whole scene from way too many angles. Lots of second guessing and wondering at the different paths this conversation could take depending on what he said or did next. And god did Richard want to just sit and think for a moment.

But, instead, Richard swallowed before reaching forward again, leaning as far as he could without straining anything. Maybe he couldn’t reach his phone, but Andrew’s lapel?

As he grabbed the material and pulled, still stretched forward, Andrew moved closer and met him halfway. Before they reached each other Andrew suddenly closed his eyes and surged forward, lips only barely connecting. He was more at the corner of Richard’s mouth than anything. Richard puffed a short burst of air out of his nose, a laugh, before he shifted, turning it into more of a proper kiss.

It was chaste, soft aside from the slightly chapped lines of Andrew’s lips that seemed dry no matter how much lip balm he used (and Richard knew, he used a fair amount). Maybe he was being weird about it, but he couldn’t bring himself to close his eyes. Plus, this way he could take in all the small details now that he was up close, like the tiny sunspots on Andrew’s nose or how tightly clenched his eyes were, the lashes tangling together.

Before he could stop himself Richard huffed out another small laugh, not really believing this was happening. Andrew blinked his eyes open and drew back just enough to separate their mouths. He quirked a brow at Richard’s reaction.

“Bold of you to have that as your request,” Richard said, their lips still close enough they brushed together. It tickled, and Andrew pursed his lips to get rid of the sensation. “What if I didn’t feel the same way?”

“I was worried I might have misread the situation,” he chuckled, lightly placing Richard’s phone in his lap as he bumped their noses together. Richard wrinkled his in response. “But you also weren’t super subtle.”

“Says the one more friendly than I am.”

Another hum, definitely amused from the sounds of it. Richard closed his eyes and pressed his forehead to Andrew’s with a happy little sigh and smile. He felt fit to burst, near giddy, and was almost tempted to think he’d be willing to take that bullet again if it resulted in this same outcome. Almost.


Writing Prompt Wednesday – “Revenge”


Gun by rahulbarfa

Andrew huffed loudly as he dragged Richard back around a corner, then grabbed his tablet from the other’s lap where he’d quickly dropped it before and set it aside. Shots echoed loudly down the hall behind them, and the wall splintered at their impact. “Gimme your gun,” he said urgently, and tried to pry Richard’s fingers out of their death grip on the pistol. He eyed the wound in Richard’s abdomen, biting his lip and narrowing his eyes. “And keep pressure on that, that’s more important.”

Richard wheezed, finally letting go of the gun as Andrew quickly peeked around the corner. When more shots quickly followed he ducked back, stuck his hand out and fired wildly, a few muffled curses coming from their pursuers. Stupid, but hopefully it would give them a moment.

A groan from Richard had him looking down again–good, at least he’d listened. Andrew gently set the tablet and gun back in Richard’s lap before he stood again, grip shifting to under the man’s arms to keep going. “While I’m more concerned for your health at this point, you still have that fuckin’ USB, right?”

Richard’s not-covering-a-bullet-hole hand had gone to keep the tablet securely against his thighs, but he wiggled it the slightest bit and Andrew could see the silver flash of their target between his fingers. “What d’you take me for?” he grit out, and just because he could, he raised his middle finger the slightest bit too.

Andrew laughed breathlessly, glancing over his shoulder to see they were about at the door they’d come in through. “Good to know you’re not so bad off you can’t suppress your inner asshole.”

“I’ve been told I’m a de-light,” he countered, head tilted back to give Andrew a raised eyebrow. The last word was forced out roughly as Andrew shifted him a bit too quickly to reach for the door handle and he grunted in pain.

Yeah, Andrew supposed he had said that at some point.

Just as he was about to duck into the room their pursuers rounded the corner, and as if he wasn’t bleeding out all over the floor Richard snatched the gun up and fired at them. Andrew rushed, muttering a few ‘sorry-sorry’s he he jostled Richard in his haste. He quickly shut and locked the door and made his way to the window. Thank god they were on the first floor. “What did I say about pressure on that?” he scolded, and helped Richard climb out the window.

“Not allowed to seek vengeance for my innards spilling out?” He propped himself against the wall outside as Andrew followed him out.

“Actually that’s what I was going to do as soon as I got you to the van,” he said brightly, shifting around. “Hop on,” he gestured vaguely at his back.

“R-really? Piggyback, are we five?” But Richard still moved to grab around his shoulders, items clutched tightly in his hands as they plopped against Andrew’s chest. He hissed as Andrew jumped him up a little to adjust his position before damn near sprinting across the yard to their getaway van in the street. He scoffed then. “You were going to run back in after them,” he stuttered with each step, the jerking motion an absolute killer on his gut.

“Of course, they hurt you,” Andrew said sincerely. And as tempted as he was to go back in guns blazing he also knew it wouldn’t do them any good. Getting Richard out and to safety was the new priority.

But damn if he didn’t want to, a quiet rage bubbling in his chest.

Writing Prompt Wednesday – “Degraded”


On My Knees by jostef

Down, to knees, neck and arms limply dangle

Empty eyes meet the ground in submission

Granting access, showcasing a quiet vulnerability

Ready for the next best thing to take its place

After, what comes after that? Dare it wonder?

Death is likely, or perhaps a more placid destruction

Ever eager to please, to follow instruction

Does the outcome matter so long as the purpose is fulfilled?

Writing Prompt Wednesday – “Remorse”


compose by alperyesiltas

He couldn’t think of a single moment in his life where he’d felt regret. He never spoke without thinking through every possibility, plotting the course of most conversations to the point that it would likely be called obsessive, paranoia. Each action was carried out with purpose and no wasted effort. He didn’t believe in wasting time, whether it was his own or someone else’s.

After meeting Andrew, however, he found it increasingly difficult to keep track of the minutes when he just ended up staring dumbly at his face. Words would take even longer to come to him, his usual ability to be snappy and on top of things floundering. And he found himself wondering if he would end up regretting this, letting himself get lost in bright eyes and dopey smiles. Both of which were being directed at him right now.

“What?” he asked, clearing his throat and sitting up straight. He blinked, trying to refocus on… what had they even been talking about?

Richard,” Andrew laughed his name, shaking his head and flustering Richard even more. God damn, even just hearing his name was enough to skew his brain all over again. What a mess. “Were you even listening? Oliver said he sent you the next mission briefing. Care to share or do I need to hack into your email or something?”

It took a beat, but at the mention of their informant it was all business again. Good, he needed to get back on track. Stupid, unaware Andrew. “Pillar Financial, safety deposit box.”

Thank you,” his partner smiled, all chipper and perky as always. Richard bit back on the urge to drag a hand down his face.

Andrew turned back to his computer, mouse moving quickly. “I don’t think we’ve hit them yet, but it shouldn’t be too much of a hassle to get blueprints for you and get something set up for the security.”

“I’ve been there before,” Richard offered. He knew the layout of the place from a previous hit. “Very basic floor plan. A loop feed for the cameras should be enough, so all we’ll need is the guard schedule and paths, and bypasses for the doors.”

“Toooo easy,” Andrew murmured, typing away. His nose scrunched the slightest bit and his eyes narrowed a tad as he concentrated, and Richard once again found himself almost blatantly staring at the little hints of crows feet at the corner of Andrew’s eyes.

Richard clenched his jaw and turned back to his own screen. Stupid, positively distracting Andrew. Because it was clearly his fault. He was definitely going to regret letting this fixation go on for as long as it had.

Writing Prompt Wednesday – “Hyper”


Grasp by cameraguyy

Hold him down

Eventually this will pass

He doesn’t know us, this place, his own power

Hold on

Making rash decisions will help no one

You are strong too, spare him some of your strength

Hold out hope

You may not see it now

But there is worth here, a purpose for this

Hold your ground

The fight will leave him, in time

And a moment of respite will do us all good

Hold your tongue

This fragile air is easily shattered

You know better than to let words fly so carelessly

Hold tight

Our hands slick with sweat and exertion

Maintaining this grip is all we have left

Hold him

We are all that remains here

We only have each other now

Hold me

And I will hold you

Writing Prompt Wednesday – “Thankful”


brighter than sunshine by hip-possible

The world is brighter when you smile

Not even the dark curtain of your hair can cloud this particular sun

And at night, your grin a crescent moon

Lighting the way to shelter, to safety

While your eyes are the sparkle of stars

Connecting in constellations to tell the story of how you came to be

How on this vast planet, full of people, people, people

Where I am but one of many

How did I get so lucky

To meet the one and only you?