Character Art!

So I’ve been trying to snoop around on the internet for some wicked artists to draw my babies.

Anyway! I wanted to post them up somewhere so that I can not only have references readily available of them (in future instances of commissioning as well as to accompany my writing) but also to share with others the awesome work these artists have done. 😀 I don’t have a lot at this point, but I fully intend to keep commissioning some amazing people in various styles.

Zane-and-Nekane_by-petenZane (left) and Nekane (right)
(in the artist’s ‘chibi’ style)Nekane-by_petenNekaneZane-by_petenZane

by ThePeten

Chibi Zane and Nekane
Zane and Nekane
(in the artist’s ‘chibi’ style)

Zane and Nekane
Zane and Nekane

by Suesanne


by lovedisorder / M72


by Kite / blinddetermination


by Riko


by magmi

Robyn for Briana small_Kao.jpg

by The Kao

Last Updated :: 06 / 07 / 2017

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