Writing Prompt Wednesday – “Health and Healing”


frozen by impatienss

Have a drink, stay awhile

Everyone is here, cheers to your health

And happiness

Leave the security blanket behind

Try to live a little

Here’s to your health and happiness

After all your hard work

Never stopping in your resolve to betterment

Drive and zest for life looks good on you

Having one now won’t hurt you, right?

Especially since you’re doing so well–

Ah, no?

Looks like you’re on the right path

I’m proud of you, we’re proud of this

New person you’ve become

‘Grats on your good health and happiness


Inspired by a short image series by Tasha Dancy.


The pond was humble in size, filled with clear water and plenty to live off of, but large enough to to call it home and be comfortable. The occasional rock, the tall, flowing grasses shooting skyward up and out of the water, reaching for a sky they would never touch. It was poetic, it was admirable, but it was also sad.

A small tadpole lazily swam between blades of grass, looking up and wondering how high they would one day be able to reach, once they were grown. They only hoped that, once their full form came to be, they could reach high enough for both the grass and them-self.

As they swerved around another swaying water plant, they paused a moment, spying something bright and shining across from them. There, in a downward beam of sunlight was the most amazing tadpole. It shimmered, seeming to be from the light itself, and swam with a grace the recently born polliwog could never hope to achieve. They were mesmerized by their pond-companion’s presence, but far too shy to approach. Hiding behind the grass, they simply watched and enjoyed the beauty of this creature.

And as time passed, watching became a simple routine. They couldn’t ever bring them-self to pluck up the courage to speak, or approach, and settled for a silent vigil. The tadpole grew, and so did the beautiful, glimmering tadpole, which in turn wasn’t a tad at all. A nymph, born into the pond so that it may grow and thrive to one day care for the surroundings of their small water home.

The tadpole, now a bolder, wiser frog with reach and aim, soon discovered this beauty would leave them to fulfill their innate purpose. The frog was devastated–they’d never even been able to speak to the nymph once, fearful that one so beautiful wouldn’t care to even glance in their direction.

How silly, the frog berated itself. This was no time for doubts! Using their freshly grown limbs, the frog leaped from the pond with purpose and determination.

It took some time, having only had the view from the pond and beneath the water surface to know what they wanted, but the frog returned triumphant, perching on a small rock just as the lovely nymph stepped out of the water and toward the surrounding woods.

The frog’s heart stuttered, and their chest hiccuped in and out before finally a small but obvious ribbit escaped. It did as intended and the nymph paused.

Slowly turning, the nymph glanced around briefly before spying their silent companion carefully settled on the stone. The nymph delicately pointed to them-self, and the frog gave another ribbit to confirm.

The nymph moved softly, barely a sound as the water parted for them to move toward the rock. The frog tensed, suddenly feeling old nerves return and stake claim, but they stood fast.

Reaching the frog, the nymph knelt and tilted their head in curiosity, a small and confused smile on their face.

Croaking in embarrassment, the frog extended its webbed foot and offered the nymph a small flower it had found not far from the pond.

Wide eyed, the nymph glanced between the frog and the flower before pointing to them-self again, a silent “for me?” in their eyes. The frog reached further forward, holding the flower out.

Smiling brilliantly in thanks, the nymph gently grasped the flower and held it, sniffed it, cuddled it to their cheek before carefully maneuvering it behind an ear. Silky white hair was brushed aside to make room for this small offering. The nymph’s bright eyes said all they needed to, and the frog was so overjoyed they felt they could slip right off the rock and into the water below.

The frog no longer thought of reaching high as the pond grass did. Their heart had been sent soaring.

Unboxing – J. K. Rowling’s Wizarding World, March 2017

Happy Friday, readers, and welcome back to another unboxing post! I got the next Loot Crate J. K. Rowling Wizarding World subscription box and am here to share its awesome contents with you again. Be warned, if you are subscribed to this box and either have not received or opened it yet, there are spoilers of the contents below. And as before, this is not a sponsored post. I just thoroughly enjoy Harry Potter related things.

Obviously, be prepared for a lot of images! And feel free to click on the images to see a larger view for more details! (Also apologies for the formatting on smaller devices. Sadly it’s tricksy to make things pretty when it’s a bunch of images and text.)

Let’s hop right into peeking at the inside! I’m getting a House vibe, just from the Sorting Hat image, so it looks like a bit of sorting is happening this month! Fun fact, when you sign up for this particular subscription, Loot Crate gives you the option to choose your preferred house! If you can’t see a snippet from this image, it’ll be pretty obvious which one I chose.


Same spiel as before, I’m going to dig into the box a bit and snag the Loot Crate staple, the guide to your box that lists the items you received this time. The Wizarding World subscription box has it all on a scroll with a ‘wax’ seal sticker to keep it rolled up. Looks like they changed the look of the scroll a wee bit, so I’m showing the outside, too. Matches the ‘sorting’ theme a bit more.


IMG_0636.JPGAnd house pride it is–this box’s theme is “Hogwarts House Pride,” with some Hogwarts-themed items and also some house-specific ones, depending on which you chose! This box includes a shirt, a pin, a lanyard, a small duffle bag, and a snuggly-warm beanie, the latter of the two sporting the colors of your preferred house.

And here are some close ups of the scroll for details! Remember to click or tap them for a larger image.

IMG_0637.JPG    IMG_0638.JPG

But back to the goodies. First thing upon opening the box we see is a Loot Crate exclusive shirt! It’s a nice, soft, quarter-sleeve tee with the Hogwarts emblem on the front in fanciful color. I really like quarter-sleevers for some reason, as well as shirts that have different colors for the sleeves than the rest of the shirt, so I really like this one!

IMG_0628.JPG                         IMG_0626.JPG

Next up are our two house-specific items, the beanie and the duffle! Yep, I associate with Ravenclaw. I like to learn and pretend I’m pretty smart (some days). Both of these are very nice quality, and the beanie feels nice and thick, perfect for those cold winter days that are… well, going away soon for a lot of us, hopefully. And the duffle is coming to some subscribers of this box at a good time for the spring track season! Or just to get ready to get back outside and workout. The bag, when folded, seemed rather small, but once you get it out and open it’s actually very roomy inside, and even has a nice shoulder strap.

IMG_0627.JPG          IMG_0629.JPG

Lastly are the smaller items, our pin and lanyard. The pin is sort-of another staple/common item in this subscription, and this time we got a little sorting hat pin! Considering its size, they have a good chunk of detail in this one, from all the wrinkles in the fabric to its face. The lanyard is emblazoned with the Hogwarts emblem and Platform 9 3/4, and includes a metal Hogwarts emblem keychain and a clear sleeve to hold a card/ID (if you like) and has a little slip of paper as a placeholder that looks like a ticket to the Hogwarts Express.

IMG_0630.JPG                                              IMG_0632.JPG

And that’s everything for March’s Wizarding World subscription box! Let me know what you guys thought of this, the box and the post, and if you’d like to see more of these! And if you got this particular box, which house did you pick? What do your house items look like?

I love sharing stuff like this so more people can see and enjoy the potential goodies out there! Hopefully it generates some interest to get more subs to it–the more the merrier! (Plus with more people, we might get even neater stuff!) Have a great weekend!

Writing Prompt Wednesday – “Time Police”


The Sea Siren’s Demise by TheFoxAndTheRaven

Scratching her wrist absently around the watchband wrapped snugly around it, Amalia glanced over the photo in her free hand detailing where she would go for her next assignment. The picture looked like it was a gas station attached to a supermarket chain, pretty standard and boring looking, with what was probably the owner standing out front. So maybe the grand opening. Flipping it over, the back of the photo had the details of her job and a second picture of the perp.

September 14th, 2101 @ 15:09
Terry Miiller, current
Wanted for stolen time tech and lotto fraud
Not armed
Apprehend and return to HQ

Seemed simple enough–small fry trying to make extra cash. This was actually a pretty common one, though usually they were found a lot quicker than this. Half a year? Amalia rolled her eyes–obviously this guy must have knew what he was doing. Didn’t make this job any more exciting.

Holding the photo at arms length, Amalia held up her watch and let it scan. The tech was slow–they seriously needed to work on the load times, especially when the photos were so clear like this one–until it registered the date and location the photo was taken on the watch-face. Confirming the information from the front and back of the physical photo and imputing the correct date and time she wanted, Amalia pressed the “JUMP” button and braced herself.

The intricacies of time travel were a task to learn all on their own, and Amalia could honestly say a good chunk of it was lost to her at this point. Like most things she’d learned in school, the knowledge was there long enough to pass all the tests, but now? She was practically a blank slate.

That was fine, though. She’d passed and now she was an officer upholding the law through time and space. Which sounded rather grandiose, but once you got into the fine print of the job, it definitely wasn’t like in the movies.

There was no, “Go back and take out this tyrannical leader before X happens,” type nonsense. Partly because that was dangerous work anyway, but also because no one knew how that would change the future. Goodness knew it could turn out to be so much worse. Add in potential paradoxes, loops, outright mistakes… It was best to leave larger incidences as they were. They didn’t need a bunch of wannabe heroes trying to “change the world for the better.”

So instead, Amalia and her coworkers found themselves more-so hunting through records and time (and the occasional rich person who’d gone back and found evidence of tomfoolery and wanted justice) for scammers. Today’s example just happened to be fake lottery tickets. It was one of the more common crimes, and they had a whole department dedicated to sifting through records to weed out people who tried to get away with it. This Terry guy was just a drop in a huge lake.

Starting from her timepiece-adorned wrist, Amalia felt a gentle tug, and then suddenly a sharp pull and jerk before it felt like something unseen was yanking her through the air. It was fairly quick, the whole thing, and every time she told herself she’d try to keep her eyes open in case she could spot anything. Never managed to do it, though.

And then she was there, hidden to the side of the gas station at exactly 15:05. She had four minutes before Terry Miiller showed up to await himself coming to get gas (she assumed), where he’d most likely try and slip the winning numbers/ticket into his pocket, or car, or whatever. Didn’t matter–on her watch, it wasn’t going to happen.

Full prompt found here. “You thought that being in the Time Police would involve more Hitler and other Fate-of-the-World situations, but mostly it’s just preventing people from winning bets or cheating the stock market.”

Writing Prompt Wednesday – “Party”


From here.

“Participation awards are great and all, but giving me one just for going to this party…”

“At least I got you out of the house,” his roommate laughed, handing him his ‘participation pie’ and waving a hand in the air, a “get over it” sass to the motion. “Introverts sometimes need a step out of their comfort zone. I would have gotten you something better, but since you left early…”

“Right,” Davis snorted, taking the pie. At least Kevin was kind enough to go for his favorite–banana cream. The party was almost worth it, just for that. “Until I die from overexposure. And there was no way I was staying any longer. They started throwing people in the pool.” He shuddered at the thought.

“Touché.” Kevin sighed, as if Davis’ disgust with social interaction pained him. For all Davis knew, maybe it did. Kevin was one of the most social people he knew. “I forgot you’re not a swimmer, and you were sitting near the pool…”

“Yeah, probably not the smartest place to plop.” Davis chuckled, and nudged his friend in the shoulder as thanks. Despite it not being his ideal way to spend the night, he was glad to have a friend that cared enough to try. Kevin’s smirk and return nudge let him know that his message got across.

Happy belated Pi day, y’all.

Writing Prompt Wednesday – “Nature’s Fury”


Desert island fantasy by peterpateman

Jason’s plane had crashed and sunk into the deep ocean days–weeks?–before. The storm they’d gone through hadn’t seemed so terrible at first, but quickly picked up speed and intensity, knocking the plane this way and that until it finally plummeted.

He’d ended up on an island, nearly smothered by his life jacket having scooched up his chest, with no sign of anyone else from the plane in sight. Debris and fronds were scattered on the beach he found himself on, and he had to bite his lip and breathe deeply through his nose to prevent a scream of despair.

And it was days–actually days, this time–until he could bring himself to be fully motivated to scrounge up literally anything he could to keep himself alive. It didn’t take him long to resign himself to the fact that he’d more than likely die on this island (he had no delusions of grandeur that his situation would turn out like Cast Away), but he’d rather it not be due to starvation.

He spent a day walking the beach, confirming that what he’d landed on was in fact an island and, sadly, not attached to a larger land mass that could bring him to civilization. But who knew what was in the center of the island–people, animals, death, maybe just trees. He wasn’t ready to explore too deeply in there just yet.

Even that day of walking and exploring tested him–another storm rolled past at around midday, and Jason had to take shelter in the trees for a good hour or two before it passed. At this point he just assumed nature was out to get him. But it provided shallow pools of fresh water to drink, at least, and that was a small blessing he’d gladly take.

And his life continued in this manner for those day-weeks that he lost count of.

Finally he ventured into the center of the island, where it seemed mostly birds and lizards of some kind flapped and scuttled about the place. And snakes. But he loathed those, so anytime he heard a telltale slithering he promptly turned around.

But it seemed his avoidance of these natural obstacles was futile. If it wasn’t snakes, it was sudden dips in the earth, trying desperately to twist his ankle. If not that, draping vines trying to trip or catch him up, weak attempts at throttling him if he was distracted enough. Worst of all were the foods he’d attempt to eat, only to discover before his starving, salivating mouth had to stop short at a sudden putrid smell of foul taste. Or, worse still, when he didn’t catch on and ended up violently ill afterwards.

His (he’d thought) long-gone childhood habit of spitting in distaste at things that displeased him came back with a vengeance on this island, and he cursed his luck and nature for dooming him to spend his remaining days here.

Apologies for the quality of this one and the lack of WPW last week–after a vacation I was pulling double-duty at the jobs and it kept me rather busy! But I think I should be good to go again. Slowly(ish) getting caught up with work!

Wanted to focus on some descriptions for this one. I think it turned out okay, but I can definitely do better. This turned out a lot shorter than I planned, but I… also didn’t really have a plan for where it would go. Guess poor Jason is just stuck there.

Writing Prompt Wednesday – “Out of Time”


Frozen by ValentinaKallias

Opera glasses to see the spectacle you feel you’re distanced from

Up until, at least, you’re suddenly dragged by the hair into the fray

Topical, considering the state of things

Only a fool thinks what’s happening doesn’t affect them

For these events will bring changes for all of us–even you

Time will tell what path we’ll follow, what hell we find ourselves in

In fact, maybe not a hell at all–ah, wishful thinking,

Most likely, but who can say for certain, what with our little time left

Eventually, I suppose, we’ll see change–here’s to hoping for the better