Writing Prompt Wednesday – “Lively”


LIVE by KR-2Y-51-3K

The constant gaze, a watchful eye

Always near and not beyond sight

A feeble hand, yet a strong grip

Gently leads her down to the crypt

Her smile did sparkle, even then

As she slowly began to fade, in the end

Nothing kept her from shining bright

Almost as if in earnest, out of spite–

No, there wasn’t a hateful bone in her

Even in death, she will live on forever


Writing Prompt Wednesday – “Disgust”


Trapped by JoJoesArt

The curling of these fingers, the span of this hand

Closing slowly into a fist of resolve

The old me is gone, and now

I must continue as myself


Who even was the person from before

But a shallow husk feeding on the joy of others

There was no happiness in them

No lust for life, no vim and vigor

Their hollow chest echoed with regrets

And their hunger never to be sated

They could not feel, could not hope to understand

This flesh was but a mask to hide the winding cogs

A machine, abandoned and fallen to disrepair

Their want was merely a malfunction

It was only right to put them out of their misery

And spare the world from further destruction


This phantom ache, a recollection of past pain

Best to put me away for murder

For the monster I once was is now dead

But the memory lingers still

Writing Prompt Wednesday – “Noble”


Patience by WingChant

A man in gray, stoic and resolute

The picture of patience

So very, infinitely patient

As if he has all the time in the world

Ah, but I suppose he does

Standing watch over this undeserving soul

Doing naught more but drowning

But somehow always returning to the surface

A breach, a breath of fresh air on occasion

And a glimpse of the man in gray

Always in the periphery

A soft hand on a shoulder

A sturdy form to lean on

Why won’t he stand before me?

Writing Prompt Wednesday – “Fine”


when you drown by LostOneself

Finite, we continue to push boundaries we can’t even see

Is there something beyond them? Anything?

Are we only fooling ourselves into thinking we can be more than we are?

These tethers made of the strongest bonds, our own insecurities

We are the ones preventing ourselves from reaching higher

Like the shackles and chains of a prisoner

But still we attempt to convince our minds this is best

It’s time to dig a little deeper

Skimming the surface of “fine” is a slow death

Waiting to pull you under and never let go

But the shore is just off the horizon

Scantly glittering in the rising sun

You can keep your head above water for that, can’t you?

Writing Prompt Wednesday – “Neglect”


Neglect by RomancingMaria

Nasty, neglectful creatures that we’ve become

Everything we touch seems to suffer to some extent

“Give an inch, take a mile,” a saying far too fitting

Leaving a thirsting world in our wake, wanting only the smallest return

Except for us, there is nothing to give back–we only consume

Completely gorged and overflowing with more than we could ever need

This is where we find ourselves–bloated and choking on greed

Writing Prompt Wednesday – “Placid”


Lovin’ the Sun by Lady-Tori

Peacefully, a young feline rests in the sunny window seat

Lazing, basking in a comforting heat that, in winter, is scarce

And yet this sunny window is a constant, always providing warmth

Claws extend as legs, tail and back stretch, re-positioning to a cozier spot

Instantly, bones seem to melt away as this small cat relaxes once more

Definitively, my companion has stolen my favorite reading spot

Writing Prompt Wednesday – “Boisterous”


Fireworks Over Anchorage by Djohns

Nameless folk aimlessly walking, chattering with each other as if old friends

Only at times like this, a festival, a gathering, do people form a truce

Imagine that–this amicable energy brought on by lights and food

Sounds of happily squealing children and drunken laughter weigh down the air

Each and every one of these simple creatures, brought together in this moment

Soon to return, however, to the din of war–peace is only temporary