Writing Prompt Wednesday – “Zeal”


Sound Of Our Hearts by kyokosphotos

Specifically, this passion for a dream,

Whether attainable or not,

Fuels a desire to press for the potential that lies within

A zest for life, a zeal for the future and what it brings

Applying the knowledge gained

Continuing to learn even more

And taking a stand for these hallowed beliefs

This fervor burns brightly for change


Writing Prompt Wednesday – “Worship”


Hero Worship by jdrainville

Who else among us, feeble as we are, could hope to accomplish what they have?

Only they have successfully tested the odds

Returning, triumphant, to our praise

Such acts certainly deserve our complete and utter adoration

Hero is too soft a word to describe this modern marvel

Idolizing this figure of strength and security is a blessing

Perfection, supposedly impossible, stands here before us

Celebrate World Poetry Day and write a poem of your own!

Writing Prompt Wednesday – “Depressed”


Emptiness by elultimodeseo

Let me begin with a preface–
A jumble, a mess, a chaotic force of emotion and thoughts
Which, of course, houses no sense or security
And then, those moments of emptiness
An intense lacking in motivation and desire
Where a simple “are you okay?”
Can sound like the most grating noise
Where solitude seems to be the only solace
But loneliness is the bitter enemy

There’s no moon at night to see in the dark
And the day’s sun is hidden by clouds and storms
Or maybe the sun, bright and cheerful in a clear sky
Taunts with a happiness that seems impossible to touch
And, cursing at the inability to feel
This heavy blanket of non-emotion
Or, today (tomorrow, yesterday?), too much emotion
Smothers instead of comforts

That want of independence
To strike out into the world
Crippled by the fear of what lies beyond
For this fog across the eyes cannot be pierced
Back and forth, to and fro
No longer wanting to stay
But far too scared to go

This writhing mass of everything and nothing
Churning the stomach like tainted bile
Desperate to be purged
It craves escape, to see the outside
But letting loose this beast
Fierce and unpredictable
The consequences surely outweigh
Any other possible outcome

So, still here?
Doomed to suffer in silence
Futilely coiled and fetal
Clinging to this half-life
Too afraid to let go
But unable to move on
This stilted ending fights to persist
Despite itself

Unboxing – J. K. Rowling’s Wizarding World, January (Feb.) 2018

Happy Friday, and happy March! I’m back yet again with a box from Loot Crate’s J. K. Rowling Wizarding World subscription series. Warning, if you are subscribed to this box and either have not received or opened it yet, there are spoilers of the contents below. And as always, this is not a sponsored post. As far as it being the January box in February (March as of posting, but I received it at the end of February), like last month there was “an unexpected production delay” for one of the items inside.

Image-heavy post inbound, and as usual, feel free to click on the images to see a larger view for more details! (And apologies for the formatting on smaller devices!)


Like I mentioned last time, I try not to spoil anything for myself in the box until I receive it, but the delay again had Loot Crate mentioning the theme, “The Ties that Bind (Us),” in the email they sent out about it. That’s pretty open to interpretation though, so I wasn’t really sure what to expect. The box itself was much smaller this time, and really beat up (but that of course could have been in shipping). Was a little disappointed and worried at the lazy way the usual sticker seal was just slapped on the box (twice–there were two for some reason, and not even over the edge) and the packing tape slathered all over it, but thankfully nothing was missing or damaged!

IMG_1263.JPG                           IMG_1264.JPG

Looking inside for the first peek, we can see a couple of the items and the box interior, which actually looks really cool! It looks like the clock face in the Weasley home that shows what/where the members of the family are at any given time. I like that it’s not just a copy of the one in the movie, too. It’s very uniquely stylized and rustic looking.

Then for the commonly seen guide to the box, it looks like only four items this time. Kinda explains the small box size. This round we got a tie in a specific Hogwarts House depending on which you choose when purchasing (in this case mine is Ravenclaw), a shawl/scarf, the iconic pin seen in all the boxes, and a book on wands.


The first item is the tie, somewhat stylized after the ties the students wear in the Harry Potter films. It has a little version of the house animal on it as well, and the tie is really nice quality. Sadly I’m not really someone who wears ties, so it’s not going to do me much good, ha-ha.


Next is the shawl/scarf, which is huuuge. Holding it up to myself it’s just a bit longer than I am tall, and I’m about 5’7″. The design on it is pretty neat too, as it looks like the family tree/wall mural in the Black house from Order of the Phoenix. I’m not much of a scarf or shawl-wearer, but I like the design on this one, and it’s nice and soft.



Next is my favorite item in the box, and not just because I have a pin obsession. This box’s pin is in the shape of the diadem of Ravenclaw. It’s really detailed and pretty looking, and while hard to read, even has the philosophy of Ravenclaw written on it: “Wit beyond measure is man’s greatest treasure.” Despite this being my favorite item, I’m a little bummed about the quality of it. The little diamonds are very dull/scuffed looking, and while the quote being on it is a nice touch it’s extremely hard to read. I’d be worried to wear it for fear of it getting scratched up easily.

IMG_1267.JPG              IMG_1268.JPG

Lastly is the wand book, showcasing the different wands from characters in the Harry Potter films. I like the idea of this item, because I’m always really into the lore of books/movies. The wands of the Harry Potter universe, because of the many different types and versions there are, are really neat to look at and explore.



There’s a couple of pages that interested me more than others, and they were basically blueprint-esque pages on the make-up of wands/materials. In particular was Harry’s wand (actually the only one, if memory serves), and the breakdown of the wand itself is interesting to see. It’s not just a film BTS but also for the lore of wands themselves in the Harry Potter world.


Otherwise it was primarily pages for main, secondary, etc. characters in the films and their respective wands. In the example I just opened up to the middle of the book and found Professor Sprout’s page(s). You get a description of the character, their wand, and an image of the character and an up-close view of the wand. The quality of the book is really nice, as well. It’s a neat collectible item, but I hate to say that it’ll probably just end up on a bookshelf and not get much use or perusal.


IMG_1273.JPG              IMG_1275.JPG

That’s all for January’s (February/March) 2018 Wizarding World subscription box! I think the theme was good for the most part, but I’m a little disappointed in the lack of items, and the item types aren’t really anything I can find much use for this time. After having the box delayed this was a bit of a letdown, personally. Hopefully the next one will make up for it.

Let me know what you guys thought of this box and post, and if you’d like to see more of these! And if you got this particular box, what are your thoughts? Were you happy with the items this time, disappointed? I’m happy to share things like this so more people can see and learn about the goodies out there for these subscriptions! Hopefully it generates some interest to get more subs to it–the more the merrier! (Plus with more people, we might get even neater stuff!)

Have a great weekend! It’s time to welcome March!

Writing Prompt Wednesday – “Holding”


Holding On by WishmasterAlchemist

Hands gentle enough to graze the fur of a fawn

Openly accepting and nurturing, no negativity here

Lend an ear to hear the soft whispers of encouragement

Delicately, the two come together for comfort and warmth

Impishly smiling, knowing their bond is unshakeable

Nothing comes to mind that can break the moment

Gingerly, fingers curl together and bring peace

Writing Prompt Wednesday – “Horror”


Industrial Nightmare 5 by wb-skinner

Helpless and entangled in the chains of a well-oiled machine

Only hope for survival is escape, and even that–unattainable

Revving of the foul engine, blades twisting and churning

Reveling in the fear, drenched in the despair and pain

Openly salivating grease and blood, eager to sink into flesh

Rending of bones and shrieks of horror complement the groan of gears

Writing Prompt Wednesday – “Affection”


Black and White by IMustBeDead

It was finally Sunday again. The week always seemed to drag on, making the wait all the worse, as if it were a month in-between each visit versus a few days. But it was finally Sunday again. The day Yasmin got to see her again, framed by fading sunlight with the music of waves to dance to.

At about six p.m. they pulled into the small gravel parking lot, got out of the car and walked the short way to the small cliff that was their rendezvous point. This time of year, the sun would be close to setting by about six o’clock, a cool breeze coming off the sea to ruffle their hair and redden their cheeks.

Every Sunday, for what seemed like so long now but not long enough, in Yasmin’s opinion, they would come to this cliff they had found by chance and sit on the edge, staring out into the horizon and watching the sun slowly descend. Sometimes they talked, sometimes it was comfortable silence. There was more talking now than there used to be, since they were separated during the week, and so this was the time Yasmin and Clara would catch up. They talked of family, new friends, college, and how much they missed each other. But they were close enough to home that they could both return every weekend, and see this Sunday sunset together.

Clara happily skipped the last few steps to the cliff’s edge, breathing deep of the sea air and letting it out in a gust of relief. Yasmin was still close to the water, even when away at school, but Clara was further inland. These weekly trips to their cliff were a reunion for not only the girls, but also for Clara and the sea. Her home away from home.

“Good to be back,” she said, her traditional beginning every Sunday evening. The sea seemed to crash harder into the cliff as if to say hello in return. Yasmin came to stand a step behind Clara, wary of the edge even after all this time, as Clara stretched and raised her arms over her head.

And as Clara raised her arms skyward so too did the waves rise to meet them, as if she had magicked them upward into a roiling, seething mass. Perhaps she had—it couldn’t just be Yasmin, imagining the mystical nature of her movements, the wickedness of her smile as Clara turned to her, beckoning to join her at the cliffs edge. But how wicked could it possibly be when her gentle hand took Yasmin’s own, warming it with the heat and glow of her endless supply of soothing energy?