Writing Prompt Wednesday – “Picking Up the Pieces”


Remnant by JohnoftheNorth

Remember before? When the world was whole and wondrous

Exciting and alive, full of daydreams and sunlight

Many years, many moons, many storms and fires

Notice how little it takes to destroy what remained

And who is there, left to pick up the pieces?

No one wants the arduous task of fixing the world

Tasked with rebuilding and taking on all responsibility

Someone, though, must renew these fallen remnants


Writing Prompt Wednesday – “Summer Haze”


Summer. by MellyBaldin

The heat of summer

A smothering force of humidity

But, with it, the cool embrace of freedom

Of dancing flora and giddy fauna

Childish glee at no responsibilities

Yet this fades just as quickly

As excitement for its beginning blooms

Already leaves are changing

Diving for browning earth

An end to the season

Of warmth and childhood lackadaisy

Sent back to the innards of stoic walls

But even hidden away inside

The haze of summer clouds over eyes

And teases at promises for the next time

Unboxing – J. K. Rowling’s Wizarding World, September 2017

Happy Friday, guys! Back again with yet another box from Loot Crate’s J. K. Rowling Wizarding World subscription series! Fair warning, if you are subscribed to this box and either have not received or opened it yet, there are spoilers of the contents below. And as always, this is not a sponsored post (but I mean hey I’d sellout for it to be, ha-ha). I just have a money spending problem and love Harry Potter too much.

Lots of images inbound, and as usual, feel free to click on the images to see a larger view for more details! (And apologies for the formatting on smaller devices!)

First peek shows us a neat box interior and what looks like a stationery set. I love the box–it’s Ravenclaw colors, woo-hoo! This particular subscription gives you the option to choose your preferred Hogwarts house, so… Does that mean if I had another house picked the color would be different? If anyone got this box and has a different house chosen, let me know if yours was tailored to it!

IMG_0802.JPG               IMG_0809.JPG

And then we also have the guide for this round, telling us the theme is “Magical Must-Haves.” Not gonna lie, I saw the Honeydukes box and got excited for candy, but nope. That’s fair though–shipping food can be risky-business, ha-ha. In this box we have a scarf, a pin, erasers, a pen, and a desk supply/stationery set. Gives me back-to-school vibes, which is appropriate for this time of year, at least where I’m at.

The stationery set is really cool! I’m one of those people that gets into stuff like this but is always afraid to actually use any of it, because once it’s gone, it’s gone. Shoot, I still have a Harry Potter stationery/letter set my aunt gave me when I was… really young. (I’m also a hoarder.) This set in particular is based on MACUSA from the Fantastic Beasts movie, and comes with a folio, some sticky notes that look like the threat level monitor, a couple of paperclips, and a list pad!


Next we have our not-so-candy (but that’s fine it’s not like I was hungry or anything–) erasers, in the shape of candy! The box it comes in is based on Honeydukes sweet shop in Hogsmeade, and I love that they chose to theme the box to go along with it. There’s four erasers total, and in the respective shapes of a cauldron cake, a sugar skull, a jelly slug, and the iconic chocolate frog. This is actually a really cute idea, and while I’m sad they’re not edible, they are pretty neat!

IMG_0804.JPG                IMG_0806.JPG


Then we have our pen. Similar to the one from the last box, this is shaped to look like Harry’s wand this time! We still get that neat-o Ollivander’s wand box, and the pen is, again, nicely detailed and hefty to hold. Still love the presentation for this one!


And then–my favorite thing from this box. A scaaaaarf! A beautiful, comfortable, big and amazing scarf. The last time I went to visit the Wizarding World of Harry Potter theme park, I was actually considering buying a scarf down there, but now I’m glad I decided not to! Loot Crate loves me, and hooked me up with some good times. Winter’s coming, after all. 😀 It is a super nice scarf, I absolutely love it. (And you get to see part of my doofy face as I model it, ha-ha.)

IMG_0810.JPG           IMG_0812.JPG

Last but not least is the signature item of the Wizarding World sub box, the pin! This one is in the shape of the locket belonging (formerly) to Salazar Slytherin, and while functionally it’s not technically a locket, the design and detail looks awesome. As far as the theme of the box, unless I’m missing a connection in my scarf-throttled brain, it seems like a bit of an outlier compared to the other items. That in no way means I love it any less, but there could have probably been a better pick to tie in with everything else.


I lied! That was the last of the items, but according to our box guide, our box still has something to offer us! Not to say you can’t do this with the other boxes, but because of the design this one’s transformation is a neat little addition to the whole thing. When flipped inside-out, the box (which is a little bigger/flatter than the others have been) turns into a trunk! Perfect for hauling all your wizard goodies around in. (Now it just needs a functional handle!)


And that’s it for September’s 2017 Wizarding World subscription box! It was another ‘interactive’ box that you could mess with, as well as neat items that are usable and theme fitting. The pin seemed like a wild-card as far as the theme goes, but was still a neat addition to the box, as always (plus I just really like pins).

Let me know what you guys thought of this box and post, and if you’d like to see more of these! And if you got this particular box, what d’you think? How was the theme, the goodies you got? Was your box interior a different color if you’re not a Ravenclaw? I love sharing stuff like this so more people can see and enjoy the potential goodies out there! Hopefully it generates some interest to get more subs to it–the more the merrier! (Plus with more people, we might get even neater stuff!)

Have a great weekend!

Writing Prompt Wednesday – “Midnight”


Midnight by PascalCampion

Soft beeping to the left

Constant and increasingly irritating

Ah, the alarm

A lazy hand stretches toward the sound

Effectively silencing it after a few tries

As bleary eyes open

They see a figure at the window

Illuminated by the streetlight

And flashes of lightning

And the figure turns to their sleepy bedmate

“It’s midnight, why the alarm?”

With a smile, the sleepy one stands

And crosses to the huddled figure

“It’s our last day together,”

He whispered, holding her close

“Why would I waste that precious time

With my eyes closed

When I could be looking at you?”

Writing Prompt Wednesday – “Patience”


From Nier: Automata

Many years have passed since the end

If it could even be called as much

To this day battles are waged

Wars continue to be fought

And as much as you possibly can

Even with your help

Neither side can seem to claim victory

What is there even left, after all the destruction?

Remnants, bones and ashes freely scattered

Enemies and comrades alike, broken corpses

Strewn upon uneven ground

Just as broken as those who remain

And here you are

Waiting with bated breath, barely clinging

And yet still here, somehow with infinite patience

Hoping–knowing the world will manage to bring itself back

To some semblance of a better time

If it ever even existed in the first place

Fighting will no longer solve these troubles

Exhibiting your placidity and alacrity

For a brighter, peaceful tomorrow

You’ve done your part, now all you can do

Is appeal for a shift in mindset

With a gentle touch, a whisper, hushed–

“Will you wait with me?”

Writing Prompt Wednesday – “Pretense”


A Choice And A Pretense by bjnorberg

Practice, this pretend relationship you’ve concocted

Raked over the coals after a heated argument

Everything you’ve told them is a lie

Tensed, prepared to fight or flee

Even during the good times, there is no rest

Never did you take a moment to stop and consider

Should your feelings change, and you want this to thrive

Endings to things such as this are predetermined–failure

Writing Prompt Wednesday – “The True You”


Hidden Visitor I by Raventhird

Featureless, fear hiding beneath a thin veneer of feckless resignation

Asking others for a way out of the hole dug by only yourself

Can there be an escape with no footholds, no grasping, helping hand?

Assuming there is not, shredding the facade masking who you really are

Despite your flaws and insecurities, would it not be in your best interest?

Everything will fall into place for you, not this false representation