Writing Prompt Wednesday – “Envy” haiku


Envy by RavenxCorpse


far too compelling

how can you “love thy neighbor”

when you lack what’s theirs?


the constant struggle

my own covetous nature

this beast craves your traits


you shine like starlight

always able to attract

but where’s my esteem?


looking back… funny,

who would have guessed desire

would trump self control


Writing Prompt Wednesday – “Spark”


Ignite by IvanAndreevich

Wave after wave has crashed upon this shore

Laying waste to carefully constructed castles of sand

Sand which, each and every grain

Small and seemingly insignificant alone,

Provides the structure to yourself, your mind

A roaring fire of mental fortitude

Hidden behind easily crumbled walls

Delicate to touch, they are the only defense

Sheltering such a precious commodity

But despite the battering flood

Able to seep into the smallest of openings

And utterly destroy that wall of self-confidence

Little can be done to the flame of your inner strength

Still somehow ignited and crackling with will

How, after so many tidal waves of emotion

Sparing no thought to your inner warmth,

How you find the strength to continue is


Even now, after another wall has slunk down

Returning to naught but a pile of sand

Your flame is the brightest thing on this horizon

Bursting forth, upward in determination

In an attempt to light those around you

Even the smallest of sparks

Can spur the largest of blazes

Unboxing – J. K. Rowling’s Wizarding World, July 2017

Happy Friday, guys! Another box from Loot Crate’s J. K. Rowling Wizarding World subscription series has arrived! Fair warning, if you are subscribed to this box and either have not received or opened it yet, there are spoilers of the contents below. And as before, this is not a sponsored post. I just have a money spending problem and love Harry Potter.

Lots of images inbound, and as before, feel free to click on the images to see a larger view for more details! (And apologies for the formatting on smaller devices!)

Before taking the first peek, we have a new sticker seal again! If it’s anything like last time this will be an indication of the contents, so maybe we’re looking at some Patronus themed items?


First look inside shows a really neat look to the box itself, and also a neat looking t-shirt! And some little stand off to the side, maybe–when I try to lift it it’s got some weight to it. Overall I’m already really liking this–the colors are awesome, that’s almost enough for me.


Now let’s check out the Loot Crate guide to the box! They’ve still got the letter style from last time (while this is easier to read and look at since it’s not all rolled up, I still liked the aesthetic of the scroll from previous boxes). Looks like this time it’s Defense Against the Dark Arts themed, which is a class students at Hogwarts take. This box has a t-shirt, a fancy pen, bookends, a small journal, and a pin!


The t-shirt is awesome, I’m already lovin’ it. I love the colors, and I’m also a fan of heather tees. I like how it’s very promotional-poster looking for the design, too. The shirt is a Loot Crate exclusive, and looking back at the box guide, everything in this box is an exclusive item!


Next up is the pen–shaped to look like Severus Snape’s wand. It’s set in a nice box designed to look like an Ollivander’s wand box, and the pen itself is very detailed. And heavy. It’s got quite a bit of heft to it. It didn’t feel bad holding it and writing with it, but the heaviness is definitely something to get used to first. Very neat and nicely presented item.


IMG_0735.JPGNext is the journal, a small little red number with the Dumbledore’s Army logo on the front and another symbol on the back (admittedly, I’m not really sure what it is… a beard?). This journal is nice quality, perfect for taking quick notes with and writing in with that snazzy new pen! 😉 And the inside has a cool little Easter egg–the signatures of some of the characters from Harry Potter, from when they signed up to join Dumbledore’s Army in the film.

IMG_0736.JPG                             IMG_0737.JPG

While I adore the tee, I think this next one is an extremely close tie for my favorite item in the box. Bookends! I’ve actually been thinking about buying some for a while (not that I have room–so many book I don’t need bookends!), but could never decide what I wanted them to look like. Now I don’t have to worry! These bad boys are based off of the knights/animated soldiers McGonagall casts a spell on in the Deathly Hallows Pt. 2 film, and has the spell labelled on each side. These are super neat and nice quality bookends; I think I fell in love with them.


Last item for this box is the enamel pin, which has been a common item in the series of this subscription box so far. This time it is Marvolo Gaunt’s ring, an heirloom to Tom Riddle/Voldemort’s family that he used as a Horcrux. I’ve been on quite a pin kick the last few months, so I was bound to like this one anyway. And I do–the pin is pleasing to look at and detailed (a description I feel like I overuse, but hey). Almost looks like you can wear it as an actual ring!


But we’re not quite done with this box yet. This is something I’ve seen Loot Crate do with some of their other sub boxes, so it was kind of neat for them to bring this aspect to the Harry Potter one! Since the box guide is usually at the bottom, I didn’t read it until after already making an attempt, so sadly mine isn’t… right. Oops. But if you also got this particular box, feel free to do it yourself (and the right way)! Loot Crate will sometimes have the ability to make your box (the actual box) into a diorama. I’d initially taken all the items out and found this little gem:


It was a white sheet with some punch-out figures–a dementor and a stag, representing the Patronus charm and its function. “Cool, but what do I do with these?” That’s when I saw this on the bottom of the box:


And promptly screwed it up. My result is on the left, while the proper instructions (included on the box guide, shame on me for not reading it first) are on the right. It probably didn’t help that I don’t really have an exact-o knife or anything with me, ha-ha. Always be prepared?

IMG_0741.JPG                         IMG_0743.JPG

And that’s it for the July 2017 Wizarding World subscription box! Gotta say, this was a nice comeback after the last one. While May’s box left me with a lot of neat, themed things I didn’t know what to do with, this one was not only things I like and can use but also an experience with the box itself. And all exclusives! I know I would have kicked myself for not getting it and missing out on the bookends… and the shirt… Well, all of it.

Let me know what you guys thought of the box and the post, and if you’d like to see more of these! And if you got this particular box, what d’you think? Did you like the theme, the items included? I love sharing stuff like this so more people can see and enjoy the potential goodies out there! Hopefully it generates some interest to get more subs to it–the more the merrier! (Plus with more people, we might get even neater stuff!) Have a great weekend!

Writing Prompt Wednesday – “Boundaries”


Borders of the Unknown by Alexandru1988

Toying with the boundary separating us from them

Strumming the simple rope tether like the string of a harp

What sound does it play?

A melancholy note, sorrowful in tune

Hinting at unhappiness, stuck here with only each other

I see your kindness, your hand reaching out

And while you bring me such joy

I can’t help but long for things, others aside from ourselves

But they can’t come to us

Nor can we go to them

We still are not alone here, together separated

But these self-imposed boundaries allow no escape


Writing Prompt Wednesday – “Dangerous Territory”


Fall From Grace by Davenit

Daring, bold, you tread far too close to dangerous territory

Asking for consequences with your toe on the line

Now how do you propose you make it in and out alive?

Generosity has already been spared to you, allowing you so close

Even my patience wears increasingly thin, however

Rascals and rogues have attempted this trial many a time–and failed

Obviously, you see yourself as being the exception

Until, like them, you’ll eventually come to realize your own flaws

Slinking in the shadows of your disillusioned mind


Tell me–do you think you are above consequences?

Even kings are made to answer for their shortcomings

Rectifying their mistakes with payment of some sort

Regrettably for them, this can often lead to their demise

I would think you would know better, would have learned from the past

Toiling away to ensure that a similar fate would not befall you

Openly admitting to your own follies–no, you’re not capable

Really, the only thing you can do at this point is continue

Your pointless journey will be your downfall

Writing Prompt Wednesday – “Irregular Orbit”


Aurora by Orikon

So strange to look back

Remembering a time before knowing you

And thinking of myself, and how much duller I was

Without you in my life

I’d never given much thought to how people can effect each other

How much I’ve improved

How much I’ve grown

How much I’ve drastically changed

All because you chose to seek me out

In my own little world

Hidden from the rest of it

And started this snowball effect with a simple “hello”

It seemed so easy for you

A cheeky grin, a sparkle in your eye

And how you seemed to gravitate toward me

Revolving and circling like a puppy

Though there were the occasional wobbles

Diverging from a straight path

My own little satellite

Continued its orbit

And like the determined force of gravity

I found myself drawn right back

Like the moon and the earth’s magnetic field

Potentially connected in some way

And bringing only better things to my life

I never would have found the aurora within me

If not for your omnipresence